Instant Karma: Man Steals a Phone & Immediately Runs Straight into a Moving Car [Video]

It never ceases to amaze me how people lack situational awareness. A guy is sitting at a table in a cafe open to the street and passersby. You see a guy walk by casing the place and then he turns around and comes back. Suddenly, he snatches the man’s phone and turns to flee. Only he runs smack dab into a moving car. The man gives chase, but it’s not much of one. The thief that was hit loses his hat and the phone. He gets up, staggers and then limps away. I’m pretty sure the other guy got his phone back. Instant karma for that thief and it hurt.

The victim was spared having to beat the crap out of the criminal. I’m surprised he was able to get up the way he did. He hit the pavement face first and hard. That ought to put a cramp in his thieving ways, but it probably did not knock any sense into him. As for the victim, I’ll bet he pays attention to those around him a bit more and keeps his phone a bit closer and held a little tighter. One thing I have learned over the years is to try and listen and watch everything I can around me. You don’t sit with your back to an open area like that. That’s just asking for some loser to come in and swipe your phone, wallet or purse. Having a concealed carry permit is a great idea as well and if they don’t allow that where you live – move.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton is an editor and writer for Right Wing News. She owns and blogs at She is a Constitutional Conservative and NoisyRoom focuses on political and national issues of interest to the American public. Terresa is the editor at Trevor Loudon's site, New Zeal - She also does research at You can email Terresa here. NoisyRoom can be found on Facebook and on Twitter.

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