ISIS Fighters Forced Yazidi Woman To Recite Lines From The Koran While They Raped Her…

The Islamic State are monsters hiding behind the guise of religion. They murder, torture, rape and enslave in the name of Allah. This 17 year-old was brutally raped over and over again while being forced to recite passages from the Koran. I wonder if that made the rapists feel justified and holy? These animals deserve to be exterminated for their crimes. The Caliphate is committing wholesale genocide against Christians and no one is standing against them. Next on the hit parade after Ramadi… Baghdad. And if Baghdad falls, all hell will break loose.

From Weasel Zippers:

Via Rudaw:

Harrowing accounts of the sexual abuse endured by women and girls at the hands of Islamic State fighters are being recorded by a young Swedish-Kurdish activist living in Kurdistan region named Delal Sindy.

Of all the tragic accounts Sindy has encountered, the case of a 17-year-old Kurdish Yezidi girl we’ll call Suzan has drawn the most online interest. A Facebook post about Suzan’s experience has earned over 10,000 shares.

Suzan’s story is more than just a heart-breaking story of cruelty, slavery and sexual abuse. It also underscores the social stigma that follows some of the abused women for the rest of their lives.

Suzan was held captive by an ISIS militant known as Al-Russiyah. He kept several women as sex slaves until he was killed alongside his bodyguards by Peshmerga forces nearby Shingal. […]

She was later transferred to the ISIS stronghold in Syria, Raqqa, where there she and dozens of other women were examined to determine whether they were virgins.

“The virgins were taken to a room with 30-40 men. They lined us up and pointed who they wanted,” she said.

“I thought I might be lucky, I was not as beautiful as the others”

Soon, however, she was bought by a man from Chechnya who purchased her and two other girls in a matter of 10 minutes.

Suzan gave horrific accounts of daily rapes by the man’s bodyguards.

“They forced me to say things from the Quran during the time they did their actions, and if I didn’t they whipped me.”

The Chechens by the way are Russian, just in case you were wondering. Virgins are highly prized and this girl could be raped 20 to 40 times a day – she’s lucky to have survived. Then the Islamists force women to have genital surgery, without anesthesia, to return them to a virgin state where they can be raped all over again. Many women do not survive the surgery. This is happening to thousands of girls and women and the US can’t seem to find the wherewithal to do anything about the onward march and conquests of the Caliphate and the Islamic State. When it starts happening regularly here in the US, the tune will change, but by then we will have come face to face with these horrors. And this all could have been stopped. But political agendas and religious loyalty was far more important than women being raped, I guess.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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