ISIS Leader Baghdadi Says It Is Permissible for Jihadis to Have S*x with Pretty Young Boys

Ah yes… perversion in the name of a religious edict. And if young boys aren’t readily available, a goat will do nicely. We have known for a long time that ISIS condones sex slavery. We have also know of their predilection for young boys. Every once in a while, they just come out with it. Looks like their social media/propaganda spinners decided being so blatant about their ‘love’ choices was bad PR and they took down the account. But not before Robert Spencer got hold of a screen shot. You see, we are paying attention.

From Gateway Pundit:

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi allegedly posted this tweet on his personal account.

The account has since been taken down.

Via Jihad Watch:

The Arabic translation reads: “It is permissible for the mujahid [jihadi] to enjoy young boys in the absence of women.”

ISIS issued a new report in May defending the practice of sex slaves.

Bad Caliph, bad… The purported fatwa then justifies this position by quoting Koran 52:24:

“There will circulate among them [servant] boys [especially] for them, as if they were pearls well-protected.”

A similar verse (76:19) reads: “There will circulate among them young boys made eternal. When you see them, you would think them [as beautiful as] scattered pearls.”

Such glossy verbiage wrapped around perversion. Sodomy and beheadings – the hijinks of the Islamic State. So, raping boys for gay sex is permissible, but gay sex between men gets you thrown off the tallest building. Hundreds assembled to watch ISIS rebels throw another gay man off a building top this week. But hey, screwing young boys is totally permissible. Double speak by savages. Massive crowds eagerly watched for the splat after the man was hung by his feet 100 feet up and then dropped. Never mind that, they are hunting for ‘pearls.’ The swine who pursue the pearls.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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