Jodi Arias Drops BOMBSHELL…

Jodi Arias Drops BOMBSHELL…

This woman is a murderous psychotic. Jodi Arias is serving a life sentence for butchering her boyfriend. And trust me, I do mean ‘butchering.’ It was gruesome. She lied and manipulated everyone around her during her trial. She tried to seduce her own attorney. She batted her eyes at a juror who voted to NOT give her the death penalty, so she got life instead. The woman is a vicious murdering demon and yet, people interview her and talk to her about life in prison and how great the food is. Geez. She goes on about watching TV and listening to the radio… that she stays slim by standing up all day… but not a word about the man who was shot dead, stabbed repeatedly and had his throat slit. Sympathy for the devil indeed.

Jodi Arias

From the Daily Mail:

Jodi Arias may be serving a life sentence without parole for the grisly murder of her boyfriend, but her time in lockup has not been all doom and gloom, according to a recent jailhouse conversation.

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Sounding upbeat on the audio from a conversation with her avid supporter, rapper Kareem ‘Lefty’ Williams, which was released by Radar Online Tuesday, a cheerful Arias raved about jailhouse fajitas and her many entertainment options, bragged that she has not put on much weight and dismissed her many detractors as ‘haters’.

The 15-minute chat between Arias and Williams, who has recently released a music video about post-traumatic stress disorder and domestic violence that featured the convicted killer, took place on January 10.

Rapper Kareem ‘Lefty’ Williams went all out for Arias producing a music video portraying her as having PTSD because of domestic violence. Domestic violence by the way that was never proven and most likely didn’t happen. His video has since been pulled from YouTube for using her likeness in it. ‘Oh yeah, haters are gonna hate,’ she tells her friend, who goes on to say that he believes the pair of them are the most hated people in the country. ‘It’s all good. If this is what it is like to be hated, then keep hating!’ she says. ‘I’ve had so much love coming in my direction I can’t even respond to it now.’ The 35-year-old convict argued that Williams should be flattered by the negative attention. ‘It doesn’t matter how bad it is,’ Arias says. ‘You should be flattered that somebody took the time… These people have no life or they’re really in love with you.’ She’s just sick in the head and twisted.

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