Kevin Costner Has Some BRUTAL Words for Race Baiters Out There… Al Sharpton Won’t Like This

Race has always been a fall back weapon of the Leftists. When you eschew responsibility and an honest debate on the rule of law, and instead you use the race card as your choice of weaponry from a depleted mental arsenal to bludgeon your opponent, well… you fail at making your case and all who listen to you lose as well. I have always enjoyed Kevin Costner and his acting – his political views never made my radar. He may be a Liberal, but he’s dead on when it comes to the politicization of race.

From the Conservative Tribune:

Kevin Costner is not known for his conservative viewpoint.

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But once in a while, even liberals get it right.

The academy award winner and vocal supporter of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign told Variety during a recent interview that he believes that race gets injected into too many arguments by the losing side.

Costner said that too many agenda-driven people work too hard to be sure they are heard, whether or not they even know what they’re talking about.

“What is the truth?” he asked rhetorically. “I don’t know anymore – and we have 500 people trying to tell us.”

Race, he said, becomes a topic of argumentation for those who have no better point to make.

“It gets talked about,” he said, “but what I think happens is a lot of times a conversation gets stopped dead in its tracks because if somebody thinks they are losing, race comes up even if the word has no place in the discussion.”

Costner suggested that race is often a valid topic of conversation, but not in every situation (H/T Western Journalism).

“Oftentimes we just feel we know how to talk about it and if someone feels they are losing the argument, the conversation breaks up, it stops, it just comes to a shrieking halt.”

Unfortunately, Costner is exactly right. Too often, people play the race card either to avoid losing an argument or simply because it’s the only card they have.

As a result, important socioeconomic issues are avoided and topics like individual opportunity and responsibility are ignored.

If you have any doubts about that, watch Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show for about 20 minutes.

We hate to wish that on anyone, but it ought to clear up any confusion you might have.

The truth matters not to radicals and Progressives… only their political agenda is important. If a few black and white pieces get knocked off the American chess board, so be it. All of us need to cut through the noise and bull crap to see that we are all Americans – not a bunch of racial conclaves. What is the truth? Evidently many can’t handle the truth of race and the law. Tune out the megaphones and the race baiters – tune into what is right and listen to your sense of responsibility.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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