Liberals Outraged After Actor Rob Lowe Says THIS

Liberals Outraged After Actor Rob Lowe Says THIS

Actor Rob Lowe is a strong Independent who thinks the government should get out of almost every aspect of our lives. In response to a question from Bill O’Reilly, he had this to say: “Equality for everyone is great,” the actor said. “I just think that individuals usually do a better job than collective big government.” That certainly applies to his views on guns. Three years ago, he gave Piers Morgan an earful on gun control. Morgan is no more, but Lowe is more popular than ever and so are his views. He walks a fine line and does not want to be labeled politically, but you can tell he feels strongly about gun rights.

Rob Lowe

From American News:

Rob Lowe made a guest appearance on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live” to talk about gun control.

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This is from three years ago, but worth bringing back with the higher than ever push for gun control.

“Look, I own guns,” Lowe said. He mentioned he owned 3 guns, but no “assault weapons.”

He then explained that he believes that our resources should be focused on improving “mental health, parenting, personal responsibility,” rather than taking away our arms.

I think Rob Lowe is misled on the assault weapons issue, but I’m heartened that he supports gun rights. Rumor has it that after the interview with Morgan, Hollywood tried to blackball Lowe. It didn’t work. Lowe does believe that Hollywood celebs should not tell people whether to own guns or not.

Here’s the actual exchange:

PIERS MORGAN, HOST: As a gun owner, you would have no problem if President Obama said, “I really want to push for these assault rifles in particular to be taken out of circulation.”

ROB LOWE: Look, I wouldn’t because, I mean, I, look, I like guns, and I don’t want to own an assault rifle. I wouldn’t know what to do with one, I wouldn’t know why I’d want one. I also see that if you’re a law-abiding person, and you bought it under the law, having it taken from you, I could see why people would have a problem with that. But if they don’t do that, as you point out, it’s not really a ban, is it?


LOWE: And I’m no social anthropologist, but I do think that the last thing viewers want is another Hollywood actor telling them anything about guns pro or con.

Lowe is pretty much right about that and I suspect he’s far more pro-gun than he lets on.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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