Libs Can’t Keep a Lid on Sex Change Regrets

With eager help from the “mainstream” media and other liberal authorities, people who suffer from psychiatric disorders of a sexual nature are often convinced that they could be happy and healthy if only they become their “true” selves through a process of chemical and surgical transmogrification into a freakish facsimile of the opposite sex. To the surprise of no one but moonbats, this approach does not work. Consequently, many who have undergone sex change mutilation now fester with bitter regrets:

Walt Heyer is perhaps the most active among the survivors out there, and possibly the most vilified by transgender activists. He is a clear-eyed and gentle man, now in his 70s, who had sex reassignment surgery and lived as a woman for many years. Because of the devastation sown by the gender confusion, Heyer offers information and support in blogs called and transdetransition.

Heyer has also authored three relevant books: “Paper Genders,” “Gender, Lies and Suicide,” and “Trading My Sorrows” that provide resources to understand the destructive effects of gender confusion. He cites, for example, a national survey of more than 6,500 transgenders that asked the question, “Have you tried to commit suicide?” Forty-one percent answered, “Yes.” One need look no further for compelling evidence of widespread transgender and sex change regret.

Many others have publicly expressed their remorse over having amputated critical body parts in a wildly misguided attempt to make themselves whole. The mainstream media mostly ignores them; the activists to whom the MSM panders suppress their views in online forums.

Sundog Pictures may be planning a documentary on sex change regret. They won’t be getting much help from LGBTQ activists.

Consider this October 2014 blog post at “No I will not Help Sundog Make a Documentary about Trans ‘Regret’” which reacts to a letter of inquiry about the project from a Sundog representative. “NotRightRuth” scolded and lashed out against Sundog Pictures for its interest and stated that such a documentary would be “harmful” to the trans-agenda. A number of followers retweeted it here.

Eventually it will become public knowledge that just as you would expect, sex change operations only serve to reinforce personality disorders, rather than resolve them, often resulting in extreme misery and dysfunction. In the meantime, the media continues to call sexually perplexed people by the wrong pronoun in order to support the horrifically grotesque agenda that sex change operations serve.

When the media tells you one thing and your gut tells you another, always go with your gut.

On a tip from Artfldgr, Bodhisattva, Steve T, and Wilberforce. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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