Lump of yellow goop growing on man’s back for 30 YEARS is finally squeezed [VIDEO]

Lump of yellow goop growing on man’s back for 30 YEARS is finally squeezed [VIDEO]

Um. I don’t believe I’ve ever watched something so disgusting before…but that I couldn’t stop watching simply because it was so unreal. I mean as far as zit popping, cyst gushing videos go…this one has got to be rolling with the front runners.


It’s a lump that was found on this man’s back and from the outside it seems to be the size of a ping pong ball. We learn in the video that this sucker has been growing on this man for about thirty years…

That’s 3 FREAKING decades!

Now he decides after all that time…to get the sucker evicted.

…this is no clean affair either.

You’ll see him clenching his fists and bowing his head as a friend with a pair of rubber gloves takes hold of the flared up lump and starts in on the procedure.

Seems a bit dangerous if you ask me…and oh I don’t know, not so hygienic.

It starts with some pretty intense squeezing and you see the lump start to slowly open…then out it flows.

First a smooth line of thick yellow ‘stuff’ snails right out of the lump…

That’s when you learn the patient and his friend have more company in the room…because once the make-shift doctor screams out a colorful word, they all want in on the free show.

‘Oh my God, that’s f*****g disgusting!’ a woman screams off camera. ‘It’s like cheese!’

The video gets very entertaining at that point as the screams continue and the patient gets very curious about what exactly is causing all the commotion…and wants to know what it looks like.

‘Oh my god,’ the man squeezing the cyst exclaims, grimacing as he wipes up the clump into a tissue.

‘That could gag a maggot,’ he adds. ‘Holy f***!’

I think that’s quite enough commentary on it…now it’s time for you to witness it for yourself.

WARNING: This is… ewww.

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