Maine Mother Charged After Letting 7 Yr-Old Daughter Play Across The Street Unattended

Maine Mother Charged After Letting 7 Yr-Old Daughter Play Across The Street Unattended

When I was a kid, from the time I was little, I was shooed out of the house and played all over the place as long as I came home every hour and checked in. That’s what this mother was doing with her 7 year-old daughter. She was playing across the street in the park within sight of her mom’s porch – a few hundred feet away. She was there less than an hour and some Progressive decided it was their fascist responsibility to call 911. So, the police came and instead of walking the child across the street to her mother, they tried calling mom and couldn’t reach her right away. They proceeded to haul the traumatized child down to the police station. They finally got mom on the phone and told her that if they hadn’t reached her, the child would have gone to Child Protective Services. Mom is now being charged with Child Endangerment. Unfreaking believable.

Maine Mother

From Weasel Zippers:

I’m sure the state could do a much better job of raising her.

Via EAG News:

A Maine mother faces child endangerment charges for allowing her daughter to play at the park across the street from her house without her constant supervision.

Nicole Jensen told WMTW she often allows her three children to play at the park a few hundred feet from her house and parents in the neighborhood make a coordinated effort to watch each other’s children. She watches from her front porch.

But when Jensen’s 7-year-old daughter was playing in the park by herself last week, someone at the park called 911 to report she was unattended and police intervened.

But instead of simply walking the child home, police tried unsuccessfully to call Jensen, then hauled the girl to the police station when the mother didn’t immediately answer her phone, according to the Personal Liberty blog.

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I guess mom never dreamed that police would kidnap her daughter out of the park. This is ridiculous in the extreme. I would sue and raise hell over this. snarked it best:

“Roberts was glad that the officers were able to ‘reunite’ the mother and child – as if they endured Hurricane Katrina, or something. She also thanked her department for having all the necessary ‘resources and facilities’ to save this kid, even though the officers could have literally walked the girl across the street to her house if they were so concerned,” according to the news site.

I agree with EAG, evidently parks aren’t for kids anymore – they’re real estate, props for the public. Just wow. This is what it’s come to. How far America has fallen in such a very short time. This is yet another reason for living out in the country where at least your children can play without snitches calling the police on them and being kidnapped out of the park by police officers. It’s surreal out there these days. Remember freedom? Yeah, that’s not coming back any time soon.

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