Man CAUGHT: Holding sister captive for years making her sleep in her own excrement!

Man CAUGHT: Holding sister captive for years making her sleep in her own excrement!

What kind of monster treats his own sister like this? This man’s sister has diabetes and dementia and he locked her up for years. I’m surprised she survived. He made her live in her own filth… sleeping in excrement. Just horrific. I understand that some patients who suffer dementia have to be locked in their rooms for their own safety, but that’s not what this is. He blacked out the only window where she could see daylight or anyone could see her. Obviously, little or no attempt was made to clean anything around her or on her. She was malnourished – probably also starving. At least now, the poor woman is somewhere people will take care of her and she can go outside and feel the sun on her skin. Something all of us take for granted.

Arthur Gauvin was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison.

Arthur Gauvin was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison.

From the Daily Mail:

A man who kept his sister captive in filthy conditions inside their home was sentenced Thursday to 6 1/2 years in prison.

Arthur Gauvin, who pleaded guilty in April to abuse and cruelty charges, tried to explain to the judge at his sentencing hearing why his sister was treated so poorly.

‘I tried my best to take care of her,’ Gauvin, 60, said in remarks reported by the Hartford Courant. ‘I ran into dead ends.’

When Gauvin’s sister was found in April 2014 by police officers conducting a wellness check, she was malnourished and covered in urine and feces. The Hartford Courant reported she had long fingernails and toenails

Police say the woman was suffering from diabetes and dementia and had been held captive for years. The window in her room inside the home in Seymour was blacked out with paint.

Gauvin was sentenced by a Milford Superior Court judge who expressed incredulity at how he could have left his sister in such conditions.

The Courant quoted Judge Frank Iannotti as saying: ‘When you opened the door and looked at her Mr. Gauvin, what sir, were you saying to yourself?

‘She was left to lie in bed with her own excrement for a significant period of time. The pictures of her room tell the only story anyone needs to know.’

A plea agreement called for him to serve between five and 10 years in prison.

Prosecutor Cornelius Kelly argued that Gauvin should spend the full 10 years in prison.

The Courant reported that Kelly said: ‘She was vulnerable, defenseless and denied her dignity.

‘The value of her life in the eyes of Mr. Gauvin was zero.’

Police have said Gauvin was responsible for his sister’s care and his motive was apparently related to a desire not to lose the house.

The Courant reported the sister currently resides at a treatment center and has a ‘cognitive disorder.’

This evil man did all of this so he could keep the house they were living in. Well, now he’ll lose the house and spend 6 1/2 years in jail. He got off too easy, if you ask me. The least the judge could have done is grant the request of the prosecutor and make this dirt bag serve the full 10 years. This woman was a prisoner and had no one to stand up for her or rescue her. How cruel can you get. I understand the officers did a wellness check and found her – I wonder why that didn’t happen long ago. The Judge was horrified by the man’s behavior, but didn’t throw the book at him. I don’t understand that, but then, I guess I don’t have all the facts. The only real fact that matters though is that he imprisoned her for years and treated her like she was nothing. Turn about is fair play.


A bed is seen not far from the bedroom window.


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