Man in Darth Vader costume tries to rob a store but discovers that the ‘force’ is not with him

Man in Darth Vader costume tries to rob a store but discovers that the ‘force’ is not with him

Some idiot from New York decided to rob a convenience store in Florida… dressed as Darth Vader. He goes sauntering in there with a gun and demands money. The intrepid cashier picked up a bottle of salad dressing and threw it at him. Although I normally wouldn’t recommend that if you wanted to live, in this case it did the trick. The nimrod turned and ran for all he was worth. Which wasn’t much as the force was definitely not with this one. The thug went home and the cops followed. They told him to come outside, which he did and then he was arrested for armed robbery and possession of a firearm by a felon. Wonder if they’ll charge him with first degree stupidity as well.


From the Daily Mail:

A man who attempted to rob a store dressed in a Darth Vader costume quickly found out that the ‘force’ was not with him when police arrested him and took him into custody.

Jacob Jeremy Mercer, 32, was arrested in the attempted armed robbery of Jacksonville Beach’s 8 til Late store on Sunday.

The Star Wars ‘fan’ entered the store with a gun while wearing the Darth Vader mask and demanded money while threatening the startled cashier.

But the store cashier fought back and picked up a bottle of salad dressing and flung it at the robber who turned and ran away, according to The Florida Times-Union.

Eyewitnesses said that the robber’s Star Wars outfit included a helmet and replica of Vader’s chest-mounted control box.

No one inside the store was harmed during the botched robbery attempt.

Police found his getaway car – described by eyewitnesses as ‘a silver car with New York plates’ – on South Fifth Street.

Mercer from Tonawanda, New York, was then apprehended after police went to the residence where he was staying and asked him to come outside.

Mercer, who was bleeding from the bridge of his nose, was identified by one of the witnesses as the robber.

Police found several handguns and ammunition in Mercer’s backpack, a police report said.

He was taken to the Duval County jail on Monday and was charged with armed robbery and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Maybe it’s just me, but this guy looks like a crack or meth head. He’s got open sores and is bleeding. Not all of that is from getting hit with a bottle of salad dressing. He was probably high when he went to rob the place. Being a moron took care of the rest. He’ll get to dry out in jail now where he belongs. He had multiple guns and a good deal of ammo on him. I wonder why he didn’t shoot the clerk. Maybe he’s a ‘sensitive’ felon. No one got hurt except the robber when he was bludgeoned with salad dressing. I’d laugh, but this is so dumb it’s just depressing. This guy is more like Darth Weenie.



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