Man kills parents with machete then makes child sit next to bleeding, dying grandfather

This monster should be put to death. I agree with the prosecutor who argued Lasley had intention and premeditation when he raised the 3-foot homemade machete and stabbed his father in the skull, behind his left ear and down into the spinal cord until he was dead. Lasley then chased his mother as she tried to escape from him downstairs. Lasley followed, striking her six to seven times with the machete, with the fatal wound coming with the severing of her carotid artery. He says he believed they either hexed him, gave him Aids or another disease. He had no disease. The only way he thought to cure himself was to kill them. Letting his child watch this horror and sit on the couch next to his dying grandfather was just a bennie.

Gordon Lasley Jr.

From The Gazette:

A prosecutor will ask a federal judge to sentence Gordon Lasley Jr. to life in prison because of the “exceptionally heinous, cruel and brutal” manner in which he killed his parents.

Lasley Jr.was convicted by a jury in January for two counts of second-degree murder.

He killed his parents, Gordon Lasley Sr. and Kim Lasley, on Feb. 5, at their home on the Meskwaki Settlement in Tama. A sentencing hearing hasn’t been set.

Assistant U.S. Attorney C.J. Williams argues in the sentencing document filed Monday in U.S. District Court that after repeatedly stabbing the victims with a three-foot long homemade machete, Lasley Jr. didn’t call 911 but instead called his girlfriend and confessed to the crime. He had his child sit on the sofa where her grandfather was dying.

The medical examiner testified both victims died from bleeding to death.

In the presentencing report, the advisory sentencing guideline range is 30 years to life. Williams said this crime warrants an upward departure or sentencing him to the top of the range — life without parole.

Attorneys for Lasley Jr. objected to the pre-sentencing report, claiming Lasley is entitled to a two-level reduction for acceptance of responsibility, according to the sentencing document. They argue Lasley Jr. never denied killing his parents or the manner in which he killed them.

Williams argues Lasley Jr. shouldn’t receive the variance because he denied acting with malice aforethought or premeditation, and claimed he was insane. Lasley Jr.’s lawyers presented two experts who said he was delusional or suffered from schizophrenia.

Williams contends Lasley Jr. actually committed two counts of first-degree murder according to evidence. He killed his parents with premeditation, despite the jury’s verdict for two counts of second-degree murder.

When he attacked his unarmed father from behind, that alone shows Lasley Jr. must have thought about taking a life before doing it, which is premeditation, Williams said. Then he went for his mother, and he told his girlfriend afterward that his mother just stood there and didn’t stop him from stabbing his father.

“That statement reveals that defendant consciously reflected on his conduct at the time of the attack, knowing its wrongfulness and knowing that he was taking another human life,” Williams said.

The court isn’t confined to the jury’s verdict. It can consider “judge-found” facts and uncharged relevant conduct, such as a lengthy criminal history, as long as a sentence doesn’t go above the maximum sentence, Williams said.

The defense hasn’t submitted its sentencing document at this time.

Iowa does not have the death penalty, much to my dismay. The most he can get is life without parole. Lasley showed no emotion, no remorse during the trial and his lawyers said he was insane. I don’t think he’s insane – I think he’s evil and needs to be put down. He butchered his parents by sneaking up on his father first. Then chasing his mother down, claiming she didn’t stop him when he killed his dad. Family members were telling him they loved him as he was led out of court – how could you still love someone who does something like this? That’s like telling Hitler, we know you are an evil, murderous asshat, but we still love you. According to the prosecutor, Lasley should have been found guilty of two first degree murders and he is right. There is no excusing any of this horror.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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