Marvel Exec Acknowledges Comic Sales Tanking After Focusing On Social Justice Warrior Topics

Marvel Exec Acknowledges Comic Sales Tanking After Focusing On Social Justice Warrior Topics

It turns out that people don’t like reading about how desperately we need to close the mythical wage gap when perusing their favorite comic.

I know, I was surprised too. It’s not like conservatives were saying that would happen or anything.

From One Angry Gamer:

In one of the most no-brainer interviews conducted with ICV2, Marvel vice president of sales David Gabriel finally acknowledged that shoehorning in divisive, poorly written, forced-diversity, tokenistic Social Justice Warrior topics actually took a toll on the sales of Marvel comics.

First up, Gabriel acknowledged that adding in all the diversity changes to their core cast and bringing in new replacements to fan-favorites may have scored them social justice points with the media, and a lot of back-patting, but it didn’t translate into sales…

“I don’t know if those customers with the tastes that had been around for three years really supporting nearly anything that we would try, anything that we would attempt, any of the new characters we brought up, either they weren’t shopping in that time period, or maybe like you said their tastes have changed.

“There was definitely a sort of nose-turning at the things that we had been doing successfully for the past three years, no longer viable. We saw that, and that’s what we had to react to.”

Tastes didn’t change; consumers simply stopped buying. That’s not to mention that SJWs are notorious for being vocal on social media but not actually following through with financially supporting the media they talk about.

We recently covered the downturn in sales over a fiscal period for some of Marvel’s comic books, and it showed that Marvel’s line of comics centered around SJW talking points had major drop-offs in sales. In one case, the Hellcat series – before being cancelled – saw an 81% year-over-year sales delince.

Writers and artists adopting the politically correct, oftentimes “regressive” leftist ideologies have seen their comics tank and get cancelled. Heck, even websites like Comics Alliance — focusing heavily on “diversity” and “progressivism” — couldn’t turn a profit focusing on SJW topics, and thus has shut down.

I’m sure they’ll learn nothing from this and will continue to do their best to push their radical agenda down our throats in other ways, but it’s good to know that the free market is working.

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