Masked Ferguson protester interrupts LIVE shot, Steve Harrigan calls him a COWARD for wearing a mask

Harrigan is a true journalist. He has far more patience than I do. He is reporting the facts. Assaulting with words? Really? Guess that’s better than being shot, huh? Just ridiculous. He took a stupid situation and turned it into an interview. The woman stood there and basically espoused utter crap that she thought sounded good and did sound bites for the camera. After all, it’s all about her and the protesters… they don’t give a crap about the two police officers who were shot. One in the face, one in the shoulder. Both are in serious condition. The protesters were never the targets. The shooter came to kill cops, pure and simple.

From The Right Scoop:

Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan was doing a live shot in Ferguson when a stupid protester wearing a mask starts interrupting him, saying ‘that’s false’ to something Harrigan had mentioned. Harrigan told him if he wanted to talk to him he needed to take his mask off. But the protester wouldn’t do it and still kept interrupting Harrigan’s broadcast. Harrigan then told the masked protester that him wearing a mask is being a coward.

Then a woman steps in accusing Harrigan of assaulting the protester but Harrigan defended himself and interviewed the woman.

Harrigan handled himself very well. He has a solid view of the events – not skewed like the protesters he is talking to. These people are acting like it’s a slap for a slap. That’s outrageous. A criminal gets shot and killed in the line of duty by a policeman and they equate that to two officers being shot at by a terrorist. Big man, hiding behind an anarchist mask and then a sweater mask. He called Harrigan a liar, but didn’t say what he lied about or provide proof otherwise. He was there to cause trouble and stir things up. What a scum bag.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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