His Metal Detector Went Crazy and They Dug Up This Trunk – Then They Opened It…

His Metal Detector Went Crazy and They Dug Up This Trunk – Then They Opened It…

In Russia, a group of men have made a fantastic find. They were exploring an old WWII battleground when their metal detectors started going nuts. They dug up a rusty, old trunk that was full of military memorabilia. It had belonged to a Nazi soldier. The trunk had clothes and a uniform with a swastika on it. They also found cigars and Jamaican rum in the cache. In the discovery, there were soldier’s dog tags and a wallet full of German cash. It was quite a find and they found much more at the site.


From AWM:

When a group of men decided to explore an abandoned World War II battleground in Russia, they discovered something truly incredible. Their metal detectors located a rusty old trunk buried under the dirt.

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The men discovered the piece of World War II history in Neva Bridgehead, Russia. They dug about 2-3 feet into the ground and heaved the large trunk out of the dirt.

When they popped open the 70-year-old relic, they were astounded to find it loaded with stuff!

The trunk had an assortment of clothes. But there was some historic gems in it. The trunk seemed to have belonged to a Nazi soldier since the uniform had the swastika on it.

They even found a box of cigars and some Jamaican rum.

At the same site of this particular battleground, other relics were found including furniture, firearms, knives, helmets and more Nazi memorabilia. It’s a military historian’s dream come true. There were caps and other clothing with military emblems in the mix. Wonder if the cigars are still any good? I’m sure the rum is. I would love to find something like this just for the historical significance of it… plus, celebrating the deaths of a bunch of Nazis is also an added perk. Just sayin’. This is a stunning find.






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