Michael Brown’s Mother Just EXPOSED His Father’s Dark Secrets – Media SILENT…

Michael Brown’s Mother Just EXPOSED His Father’s Dark Secrets – Media SILENT…

Michael Brown’s Mother has written a book…and in it she tells ALL about her life with Michael and his Dad…and then some. In it, she spills some pretty damning information about how he treated her.


From the Daily Mail:

In another terrifying incident, he is said to have smashed the windshield of her car with his fist and beat her in front of their son.

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While McSpadden was working two jobs to support their family, she claims that Brown Sr was lazy and cheated on her with other women.

The unflinching account is the most detailed yet of how the younger Brown was brought up.

He was shot dead at the age of 18 in August 2014 in Ferguson, a northern suburb of St Louis, after an altercation with Officer Darren Wilson.

The killing sparked more than a week of violent unrest and looting, which returned when a Grand Jury decided not to indict Wilson.

Since then there has been a national debate on police violence and an unprecedented focus on killings of black people by law enforcement.

In her memoir, Tell the truth & Shame the Devil: The Life, Legacy and Love of My Son Michael Brown, McSpadden, 36, says that her life was troubled from the start.

She was raised in a single-parent home and her mother worked more than one job to support McSpadden and her brother and sister.

She moved out of home for a while and lived with her grandmother, got into fights and was once threatened with a gun on her porch.

McSpadden never finished high school, something she admits is one of the most ‘uncomfortable and embarrassing facts about my life’.

The book says: ‘All of a sudden Mike got quiet and kicked me with all his might in my leg.

”Ouch! Did you just f*****g kick me?’ I winced, stumbled then kicked him right back,’ she writes. ‘His fist immediately barreled into my back. I punched him in return. Next thing you know we were swinging at each other.’

A friend broke it up but they fought again later when McSpadden was on the phone with some old friends.

Brown Sr, now 38, shouted at her, ‘Who the f*** is this?’ and was so angry that ‘the veins bulged in his neck’.

McSpadden writes: ‘Before I could finish my sentence, his hands were around my neck.

‘Mike yanked me by my neck and lifted me into the air and threw me across the room. I fell, then instantly jumped back up, confused and dazed’.

Brown Sr apologized and said he loved her, but McSpadden had already begun to see him differently.

McSpadden writes that she would take their son to see Brown Sr almost every day – she was still living with her mother at this stage.

On one occasion she brought their son over and they ‘got into it’.

The book says: ‘I just wanted to leave but he had it in his mind that he was going to force me to stay. I broke free from his grip and ran out of [his mother’s] house and jumped into my car, quickly starting the engine.

‘Mike was hot on my heels. Before I could shift the car in reverse Mike was pounding his hand on the driver’s window.’

Brown Sr demanded that she open the door and when she refused he smashed the windshield with his fist.

She didn’t have enough money to fix the glass, so she continued to drive her car with a broken windshield, she writes.

For the record…his shirt in the picture says… STOP KILLING US. Ironic really, since he tried to kill his wife on more than one occasion.

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