Millennials Are OUTRAGED Over New Sitcom That MOCKS Millennial’s OUTRAGE…VIDEO

Millennials Are OUTRAGED Over New Sitcom That MOCKS Millennial’s OUTRAGE…VIDEO

In a Fall Season devoid of watchable new shows, Steven Crowder points out one that may just be fun to watch: The Great Indoors. In this sitcom, they poke fun at coddled, overly-sensitive Millennials that simply don’t have a clue. Now, that sounds funny to me. Time for a mock-fest… grab your popcorn.

Even the preview is funny… with gems like: What do you do if attacked by a bear? Die, just die. That sort of rings true. And the mandatory human resource visits for offending the staff, I can totally relate to. The trophy for participation… just epic reality unfortunately. The Great Indoors is a sitcom starring Joel McHale as an outdoorsman who has trouble relating to his younger colleagues at the digital arm of the magazine where he works.


From Louder with Crowder:

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CBS has a new show coming out called The Great Indoors, which satirizes Millennials and Millennial media culture. Much like when people criticize South Park, their criticisms make the shows that much funnier. Because they’re not getting the joke. Well the Millennial reporters from the Television Critics Association were not amused by The Great Indoors’ mockery of their generation. Therefore making this show a must see in the fall…

It started when EP Mike Gibbons, who noted that 40 is the new 80, mentioned that CBS focus-grouped the pilot, and the millennial in the group said he did not like it because of the jokes about millennials being coddled, too sensitive and thin-skinned. The woman running the focus group, Gibbons said, clarified: “So, you were offended by millennials being portrayed as too sensitive.”

A Millennial Media Member interrupted Gibbons. “I’m a millennial myself. How are we so coddled, and what about our overly politically correct workplace bothers you?” she asked, like she meant it to sting.

Oh the puns and the jokes are just endless here! Talk about a target rich environment. Heh. The 90’s gave us the ‘Whaaa!’ generation, no doubt about it. With Millennials who need safe-spaces, not enough trigger warnings and too many damned touch screens to deal with… well, you get what we have now. People who couldn’t survive 48 hours in an emergency because they would die from Internet withdrawals.

These people are overly privileged and have no sense of humor that we know of. Thus, they take offense at everything. You can see it in the Millennials that reviewed the show and got all ‘offended’ over it. Truth hurts buddy, deal with it. Generation snowflake is mock-worthy.

To quote series star Joel McHale, “if the show is offending Millennials, it’s the best strategy ever.” I could not agree more. OMG! We’re on a mission from God!!

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