Moonbat Brainwashers Need to Get Them Even Younger

According to moonbat ideology, gender is just a social construct, and it’s perfectly normal for boys to turn out like Adam Lambert. But in the alternate dimension known among non-liberals as “reality“…

Baby girls make a beeline for dolls as soon as they can crawl — and boys will head for the toy cars, a study has shown.

With no prompting, they will choose the stereotypical toys for their gender.

The findings — the first to show consistent differences in very young babies — suggest there is a biological basis to their preferences.

No kidding. But the lesson our progressive overlords will draw from this is that brainwashing must begin even earlier. This appears to be the reasoning behind a new Al Gore initiative entitled Inconvenient Youth:

Teens who want to make a real difference in the fight against climate change will now have a place to share their pledges, actions and ideas. Inconvenient Youth (, the new teen climate education initiative of The Climate Project, a program of the Alliance for Climate Protection, will launch on Earth Day, April 22. Inconvenient Youth will also enable five teens to participate in The Climate Project’s upcoming Our Choice Training with Nobel Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore, to be held in June. The initiative dovetails with the Alliance’s Repower America “youth surge” campaign to organize students on college campuses across the country.

Apparently even the Goracle has given up on getting grown adults to believe in the global warming hoax. Next up, when even teens become aware that the authorities have been lying to them: Inconvenient Toddlers. This video — which may actually be on the level — gives an idea of how young Prince Albert already needs to go to find new acolytes gullible enough to drink his snake oil:

Like the Apple computer? It’s powered by vegetable oil. No, that’s the car. But the Goracle is on the board of militantly moonbatty Apple. By the way, using vegetable oil to power cars is not only insane but unsustainable. But at least it emits CO2, which helps make the crops grow.

On tips from Oiao and Scott. Hat tips: Watts Up With That, Ace of Spades. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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