Moonbat Culture: Ann Liv Young

One reason our ruling class despises us is that we lack a sophisticated appreciation of liberal elite culture. So let’s better ourselves by learning to like it. We can start with performance artist Ann Liv Young, aka Sherry:

Sherry is Ms. Young’s outrĂ© persona, a trashy Southern blonde who never met a confrontation she didn’t like. In February Sherry went to P.S. 1 [a “contemporary art center” in NYC] as part of Saturday Sessions, a series dedicated to emerging performance art.

On the bill, which was organized by Brooklyn Is Burning, a presenter of art events around the city, Ms. Young’s Sherry followed a performance by Georgia Sagri and quickly embarked on a blunt, profane monologue accompanied by masturbation, urination and an attack on Ms. Sagri’s work. Ms. Sagri responded, yelling insults and according to some witness accounts had to be physically restrained; various audience members chimed in on Ms. Sagri’s behalf.

Since there was no fire hose handy, P.S. 1 director Klaus Biesenbach defused the situation by shutting off power to the windowless room. Fellow art weenie Andres Bedoya (a Brooklyn Is Burning curator) whines that this was “a form of censorship.”

“Turning off the power on artists and mature audience members because the institution is suddenly unwilling to deal with a performer or an event is not acceptable,” Mr. Bedoya wrote in an e-mail from Bolivia, where he is on a residency. …

Mr. Bedoya said he had never received an explanation from the museum. Nor did Ms. Young, who fell in the darkness, cutting her knee and spilling a bucket of her own urine on herself and several audience members. Yet Ms. Young and others consider her performance a success.

Ms. Young will be back on the stage at P.S. 1 as soon as certain legal issues are resolved. She occupies a studio there as part of the “Greater New York” exhibition. Art lovers will want to keep Biesenbach away from the power switch, and are advised not to sit in the front row.

Ann Liv Young: Culture deranged by moonbattery. Via Desire Lines.

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