Moonbat Takes a Whack at Piñatas

How are we supposed to tell parody from reality when we hear moonbats screeching diatribes like this:

Piñatas are not a good idea for your child’s party. Children should never hit anything with a stick. Even worse, kids can get piñatas in their favorite character too. Doesn’t anyone slightly cringe at the thought of their child whacking Dora the Explorer or Elmo around with a baseball bat? What is that doing for a child’s character? Getting a flower or car piñata is only slightly less worse. …

People carefully teach their children, from the first time they playfully hit as a baby, that hitting is wrong. They don’t allow hitting in their family and they don’t spank. But then children are allowed to hit piñatas to the breaking point. Then they get candy; they are rewarded for violent behavior!

This moonbattery was barked by Yahoo! Associated Content contributor Vanessa Bartlemus, who unsurprisingly has a BA in Journalism and Psychology. Here’s Vanessa:


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You would think someone so obviously multicultural would cut some slack to a Mexican tradition. What is she, racist?

Chances are she doesn’t think much of the Shrillary Rotten piñata:


Ms. Bartlemus calls for alternative piñatas from which candy is released by pulling a string, to be divided equally afterwards according to collectivist principles. Again we see that fun is the second casualty of liberalism, right after sanity.

On a tip from Dan F. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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