Muslim Groups Attack LA Gov. Jindal for Suggesting the USA Ban Sharia ‘Laws’

You can’t get more un-American than backwards, oppressive Muslim sharia laws and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is right to say the US should never allow such so-called law to be practiced here. Still, Muslim groups inside our own country are denouncing Jindal for his comments.

But Jindal is 100% correct. Archaic, backwards Muslim “law” runs 100 percent contrary to the U.S. Constitution and the laws of freedom and modernity upon which we’ve based our system.

Jindal answered to his critics on Fox News recently.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal fired back at Muslim support groups that accused the Republican of “fearmongering” for proposing earlier this week a ban on those who support radical Islam.

He appeared on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File” and emphasized that while “there are many Muslims who are proud patriotic Americans,” his only target are “those who want to use our freedoms to undermine the freedoms of others.”

Kelly began her cross examination.

“Who decides how far into Sharia law you have to be?’ she asked. “Who decides who’s a radical Islamist and who’s just an Islamist?”

Jindal said the line had to be drawn when one person’s beliefs infringe upon the freedoms and beliefs of another.

“You don’t have the right to come here and say, for example, that you think women should be treated as second class citizens,” he told Kelly. “You don’t have the right to say others don’t have the same freedoms we give to you.”

Bobby Jindal should be praised for his stance against Islam. Let’s hope they don’t kill him for it. After all, every critic of Islam faces death at the hands of terror-prone Muslims.

Warner Todd Huston

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