Muslim Leader Gives Marital Advice – Husbands! Beat Your Wife, As Long As It Does Not Make Her Ugly….

Muslim Leader Gives Marital Advice – Husbands! Beat Your Wife, As Long As It Does Not Make Her Ugly….

These are the same people who hate the Great and Little Satans… that want to exterminate Jews and who have private meetings with Hillary Clinton in Texas and give her hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations. In this video, you will see just how they view their wives. They are chattel and are less than human to them. They are possessions to do with as they please. If a marriage is in trouble, they are counseled to beat their wives… just as long as it doesn’t cause the police to respond, makes the wife ugly or breaks her hand. ‘The hitting is a kind of reminder that the love and friendship that Allah commanded is still found between us [the couple].’ It should be done ‘jokingly’. Yeah, that’s a real laugh riot, inbetween the pain, blood and abuse that is.


From the Daily Mail:

A Palestinian leader has given tips for dealing with a rocky marriage – which includes a husband beating their wife ‘so long as it does not make them ugly’.

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Hassan al-Laham, who holds the title of ‘mufti [legal expert] of Gaza’, was speaking on official Palestinian Authority TV.

He detailed what steps a husband ought to take to try and prevent a divorce, which included hitting their wife ‘jokingly’.

The speaker in the video is the Mufti of Gaza, Hassan al-Laham. He said a husband should first give a warning to his wife while he demonstrates ‘good relations, dialogue, respect and humanity’. He then offers the gentle reminder that ‘you did not buy her as a slave… nor did you buy her in the market’. That justifies the abuse somehow. Following that, he said the warning should be made with a ‘good word, good treatment and a positive look’. He added how this ought to be done ‘inside the home’ and they must show no problems in their marriage to the outside world. As well as this, the marital couple will also sleep in separate beds. If all else fails, well then… you must ‘jokingly’ beat your wife for her own good. Allah commands it. It’s for her own good and reminds her of her place in the marriage. Barefoot and pregnant or compliantly in bed. ‘The hitting is not meant to disfigure, harm or degrade. The hitting will be like a joke. He will hit her jokingly’. So, does he laugh while he flogs his wife? Is this what passes for entertainment in Islam? I hear the Devil chuckling in Hell somewhere.




Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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