Nevada Looks To Pass “Pop Tart Gun” Bill

This is an attempt to pass legislation that allows kids to be kids

(KOLO8) Members of the Assembly Committee on Education were treated to a snack at their afternoon hearing on AB 121: Pop-Tarts.

It was a reference to a case out of Maryland where a second-grader was suspended from school for chewing his Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun. This bill would help ensure something like that doesn’t happen here in Nevada.

AB 121 would prohibit schools from punishing students in grades K-8 for “simulating a firearm or dangerous weapon” or “wearing clothing or accessories that depict a firearm or dangerous weapon.”

“This bill is a common sense bill, it’s that simple,” Assemblyman Jim Wheeler said as he went through the proposed legislation. “It just returns common sense back to our school system.”

Sadly, there actually needs to be legislation that brings back common sense.

“This kind of reminds me of the debate the founding fathers had regarding the Bill of Rights,” Assemblyman Chris Edwards said. “Many of them thought they would never need a Bill of Rights because no government would ever violate things like freedom of speech. However, wisdom won out and they put in those precautions just to make sure those things wouldn’t happen to us. I think they were very wise to do so.”

Imagine what Government would do without the Constitution. They are already abusing it heavily. And one parent was Very Concerned

“If a child wears a t-shirt that says I support my right to keep and bear arms but it shows two stick figures and one is standing over the other with a gun, is that still okay? I think we’re opening ourselves up to a slippery slope.”

It’s not already a slippery slope to suspend young children for making a gun with their fingers and food? Florida and Texas have already passed similar legislation.

(RGJ) Such a restriction shouldn’t have to be spelled out for schools in state law, but it’s come to that, said Ron Dreher, lobbyist for the Washoe School Principals’ Association.

“We are living in a different world and, unfortunately, we have to codify it,” he said. “I guess we live in a ridiculous age.”

Yes. Yes we are.

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