A New Zealand Jihadist Makes a Rookie Mistake and is Foiled by Twitter in the Most Embarrassing of Ways

Well, that’s a major terrorist oops, isn’t it? Poor Jihadist… just going about his business in Syria spreading death and mayhem, only to be foiled by that dratted Twitter! The genius forgot to turn off the geo-tagging feature and sent out 45 hateful tweets to his fellow ISIS terrorist buds before realizing he was broadcasting the location of every safe-house he was running to. He quickly deleted his tweets, but not before a savvy intelligence firm nailed him. If Kiwi Jihadi, aka Mohammed Daniel, aka Mark John Taylor ever returns to Kiwi-land, they have a nice cell waiting for him. What a massive idiot loser.

From IJReview:

In the battle against ISIS, gathering reliable intelligence can be tricky. Unless Mohammed Daniel, who was previously known as Mark John Taylor, is your source. Then you have only to look on his “Kiwi Jihadi” Twitter feed to find where the jihadist from New Zealand is located.

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Twitter has a geo-tagging feature that you need to turn off – if you don’t want your location advertised when you tweet. Apparently, the “Kiwi Jihadist” forgot all about this, for 45 tweets. Once he realized this serious mistake, he quickly deleted the applicable tweets.

But not before intelligence firm iBRABO tracked him.

What happens next? No drone strikes have been mentioned.

iBRABO says that thanks to his lazy social media posts, it was able to pinpoint a house in the Syrian town of Al Tabqah where Daniel was believed to be staying.

“His statements and Twitter missteps have solidified his involvement with ISIS and will provide the evidence should he ever try to return to New Zealand,” [ iBRABO’s Jeff] Weyers said.

The company posted the story on its blog and has sent out tweets about it, as well. With the evidence collected by the firm, if the ISIS fighter were ever to attempt to return to New Zealand he would most likely be arrested and prosecuted.

It’s a pity that he didn’t go boom from a drone strike. Sigh. Another perfect opportunity squandered. At least his involvement with ISIS is verified and now he is on the run like the cowardly rodent he is. Wonder if his buds will behead him for being a moron? Wonder if his Caliphate expansion plans were ruined? Poor guy – hunted and ridiculed. It’s really tough being a murderous Jihadist and a laughing stock. They don’t mix so well. Look to the skies for a drone with his name on it or a spike with his head on it. Home, sweet ISIS hellhole.

Image Credit: Twitter

Image Credit: Twitter

Image Credit: Twitter

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