Newborn baby girl has had a quarter of her face chewed off by three pet FERRETS in her parents’ dining room [Video]

This is one of the most horrific things I think I have ever seen. That poor baby – the pain she must be in and will suffer the rest of her life all because daddy was sleepy and mommy was doing God-knows-what in the bathroom. You don’t leave a one-month-old alone ever and you especially don’t leave the newborn alone and next to animals like ferrets. This couple has five children all under the age of five. They came running when they heard screaming, but that baby must have been screaming for a while. I don’t know whether the ferrets had been starved or what, but this is an atrocious instance of neglect.

Skyy Isabelle Fraime (pictured with her parents, Burnie Fraime and Jessica Benales, shortly after her birth) has lost up to 25 per cent of her face after being mauled by three pet ferrets at her Pennsylvania home.

From the Daily Mail:

A one-month-old baby girl has lost up to 25 per cent of her face after being mauled by three pet ferrets at her family’s home, police said on Friday.

Skyy Isabelle Fraime was reportedly placed in a car seat and left on the floor of the dining room at the house in Darby Borough, Pennsylvania, on Thursday while her parents went upstairs.

A short time later, the family’s three ferrets escaped from their nearby cloth-like cage and ran over to the lone infant. They attacked her, sinking their teeth into her lips, nose and other facial areas.

Skyy was rushed to hospital with serious wounds. Although she is listed as being in a ‘stable’ condition, she is receiving assistance breathing in intensive care due to the injuries to her nose.

She is also likely to need multiple surgeries in future years to rebuild her face, ABC 6 reported.

Speaking to the news station, Skyy’s father, Burnie Fraime, who is engaged to the baby’s mother, Jessica Benales, said: ‘I went over to grab the baby… half her face was messed up from the ferrets.’

On Friday, Darby Police Chief Robert Smythe described the girl’s injuries – which occurred at around 3.30pm on Thursday – as ‘the worst’ he has seen in nearly 45 years working for the force.

“I’ll be 45 years in June in Darby [with the police department], and this is the worst I’ve ever seen,’ he told the Delaware County Daily Times. ‘I thought I’d seen everything.

‘This child, the center of [her] face is missing. Her nose was gone, [and so was] part of her cheek and part of her lip. I don’t know how much of that got replaced.’

He added: ‘Just imagine that one-month-old baby, that can’t help herself, [and] two or three animals are eating it alive. Imagine the pain.’

At the time of the incident, Mr Fraime and Miss Benales were upstairs at their home in the 300 block of Poplar Street, Mr Smythe said. They reportedly rushed downstairs after hearing loud screaming.

They found Skyy sporting serious injuries to her face and called 911. The baby was taken to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where two stents were immediately inserted into her nose.

‘The ferrets ran when the mom came down,’ Mr Smythe Said. ‘[The baby] had emergency surgery. The last I heard she was in stable [condition], but she was in intensive care.’

He added that the couple – who have four other young children – are in crisis. They were reportedly clients of Delaware County Child & Youth Services prior to Thursday’s tragedy.

I understand the father giving the interview – he wanted to appear honest and express being horrified over what happened to the baby. But he looks mentally unstable and perhaps on drugs – any sane person would know to shut up and get an attorney. All five children are now with their grandparents and criminal charges are pending as they should be. The living conditions are deplorable and obviously these two cannot care for children. The ferrets were euthanized. I just weep for the baby and what the little one went through. I pray that surgeons are able to repair the damage, but that child will literally and figuratively be scarred for life. She lost her nose, part of her cheek and lip before the ferrets were chased off. Prosecute the parents to the full extent of the law over this.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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