No Nonsense Sign, Tells Potential Bad Guys – Attempts To Harm Students Will Come AT A PRICE!

No Nonsense Sign, Tells Potential Bad Guys – Attempts To Harm Students Will Come AT A PRICE!

Awesome. In Okay, Oklahoma criminals will think twice before waltzing into a school there to shoot it up and kill students and teachers. Big signs declare that their staff are allowed to be armed and are willing and able to use a gun in defense of their students and the faculty there. Sanity, finally. This is one of the first districts in Oklahoma to do this and I sure as hell hope there are many more to follow. No more gun free killing zones. There is one sheriff’s deputy in that town, so the superintendent of the school loved the idea. Sounds like a great place to live.


From TheBlaze:

The newly posted signs in front of public schools in Okay, Oklahoma, aim to scare off all those who assume walking on campus and doing harm to students will be an easy task.

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The signs read: ”Please be aware that certain staff members at Okay Public Schools can be legally armed and may use whatever force is necessary to protect our students.”

District policy now lets teachers and staff members carry guns on school grounds, KOTV-TV reported, adding that it’s one of the first districts in Oklahoma to go this route.

And for Superintendent Charles McMahan, letting his employees arm themselves to protect the 400 students at the elementary, junior high and high school is a no-brainer with only one sheriff’s deputy in the entire town.

“If something were to ever happen and I didn’t try to defend my kids, I couldn’t live with that,” McMahan told KOTV. “That’s kind of why we put this in place.”

If the proverbial crap hits the fan there, the bad guys will potentially pay the ultimate cost and I’m good with that. Twice. Response in the town and surrounding rural community has been overwhelmingly positive. “Our kids need to be safe here on campus because we are such a rural area,” Lucretia Echols, a grandmother of three Okay students, told KOTV. “Law enforcement is so far away.” Robert Weller has a grandson at the junior high school and made no bones about where he stands: “If someone wants to come in and start shooting, someone should be able to interrupt it.” As part of the district policy, teachers and staffers who want to bring guns on campus have to get approval from the school board, take armed security training and pass annual tests. Perfect… this is exactly the way to do it. Neighboring communities are now reaching out to this superintendent so they can implement the same policies. You do us proud in Oklahoma sir. – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |



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