NorthEast Braces for Massive Storm

Old Man Winter Rears His Head

      By: Derek Varsalona

 Old Man Winter is ready to rear his ugly head at the North East section of the United States today. I already know it is going to be bad since my muscles are beginning to tighten again to due to my condition of Cerebral Palsy.  The pool is closed today so I can’t even go form my normal workout of 108 laps 3 miles in a 50-Meter pool at Hofstra University Swim Center.  I have herd reports of Home Depot and other stores already being out of snow shovels.


At least 3 feet of snow will assault the North East in a winter storm.  The historic storm is predicted to leave people paralyzed spanning at least seven states from Northern New Jersey through Southern Maine.  Major Metropolitan cities such as New York City and Boston are expecting massive amounts of snow. Boston may get at least 18 inches at the most 24 inches.  Mayor Bill DeBlasio(D/WF-New York City), warned “don’t underestimate prepare for the worse.”  In Manhattan, the Home Depot sold out of snow shovels early.  However, the snow is not the only thing that should cause concern for people. According to reports, cost flooding could also hamper ones day.  It is expected that New York City and Boston maybe at a stand still with coastal flooding expected to last Tuesday.


On a personal note, this weather really affects my ability to move.  I know this storm will be bad since I can feel sharp pain in my body already squashing my muscles.  With Cerebral Palsy, my muscles tighten in cold weather and makes life less manageable.  I am lucky enough that I can walk since my condition is very mild.  Writing is very therapeutic for me.  The typing makes my muscles loser so my body can stay loose.  I have tighten up so much where it is unbearable to even stand or sit and I wind up sitting in a corner if I can not walk it off.

Everybody have a great day. If the power is still up after the storm, more blogs will be posted.  If not my blog will be down for several days until power is restored. Stay warm and stay safe.

Winter storm moves through northeastern US in early 2014 photo
Commuting may not be easy, better to take off from work . Photo Credit:Fox “Boston Prepares for Historic Snow Storm.” January 26, 2015.


Derek Varsalona

I have a mild Case of Cerebral Palsy and am very politically active

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