Obnoxious Welfare Queen Taunts Taxpayers: ‘I’ll Never Have to Work’

Obnoxious Welfare Queen Taunts Taxpayers: ‘I’ll Never Have to Work’

What a loser. She sounds drunk, on drugs or both. She’s lazy and disgusting. Not to mention a freak and a product of our public schools. Piercings galore and a horrid dye job. She wants to be an artist, but is just too worthless to ever make that work. Being self-employed requires a ‘work ethic.’ Something this woman has no clue about. She doesn’t want to talk to people, but goes on YouTube? As far as not caring about putting food on the table, she doesn’t look like she’s exactly starving. Thank God she doesn’t want to have kids. That’s certainly for the best. She wants to be a housewife so she can sit on her fat behind. Who would want to be married to someone like that? The woman is delusional and a narcissist. She needs help.


From TellMeNow:

In this sickening video, a loud, overweight welfare queen brags about how her entire life is paid for by the American taxpayers.

Watch as she shamelessly talks about how amazing her freeloading lifestyle is, knowing that she’ll never have to work thanks to Obama’s ridiculous laws. It’s disgusting that the rest of us are working hard every day just to fund the lifestyles of people like this…

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She abhors responsibility and she is simply moronic. The troll doesn’t have any idea what exchange means. No one is entitled to be fed, clothed, housed or educated. She doesn’t care about money, but wants everything for free. This is the very definition of a Welfare Queen. Maybe being on the street would do her good. She would find out that you actually have to work to survive. This person is nothing but scum. She talks about too much – she’s too much. Productive humans work and exchange for what they get. Most love doing it. If she gets free money it should be taken away. This is what our tax dollars are paying for. This is this chic’s idea of a dream and it makes you honestly feel like hunting her down and kicking her ass down the block. What a waste of a human being. She lives off her mother and treats her like dirt. Geez.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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