OUTRAGE: Terrorists Slander Military Veterans & K9 Vets at WVA War Memorial [Video]

OUTRAGE: Terrorists Slander Military Veterans & K9 Vets at WVA War Memorial [Video]

This is an absolute outrage. Not only were there signs that said, “Support ISIS and Taliban, F**k you incestuous rednecks,” other signs were found there as well. One said, “Go China and Japan.” The other was at the canine memorial and said, “My Pitbull would eat your German Shephard.” This happened in the small town of Marmet, West Virginia. I don’t think kids did this – the handwriting was clear and the spelling was correct. This is obviously the work of someone who hates the US and the military – a radical Leftist looking to make a statement. The good people of Marmet are quite upset over this, especially the vets there. They want to know who did it. They are now talking about installing security cameras at the memorial and I don’t blame them. Eventually, they’ll catch the coward or cowards who did this. They are terrorists themselves and certainly seem to love ISIS and the Taliban.


From Gateway Pundit:

Signs in support of ISIS and the Taliban were found at a West Virginia war memorial this week.

The signs read, “Support ISIS and Taliban, F**k you incestuous rednecks.”

WCHS reported, via Jihad Watch:

People who live in a small town in Kanawha County are stunned at what was done at their local war memorial.

Johnny Walker, the town’s public works director, discovered the signs supporting terrorism at the memorial on Thursday.

Walker is also a veteran.

“It’s very important to me and truthfully, it’s very important to everyone in Marmet. Well, let me rephrase that. Ninety-nine percent of the people in Marmet,” Walker says of the memorial.

One of the signs Walker found said “Support Isis & The Taliban.” The other cursed “incestuous rednecks.”…

If this was just a prank that was committed by morons, they knew that Jihadists love to target the military and war memorials. There definitely seems to be supporters of the Islamic State and the Taliban in West Virginia and no doubt across the US now. The FBI and DHS have been asked to look into this disgusting act of vandalism and disrespect. But they won’t because there was no physical damage or a direct threat. The terrorists and their sympathizers are getting massively emboldened due to Obama’s policies. They are becoming ever more arrogant and brazen in their actions. At some point, there will be another massive terror attack and it could very well make 9/11 look like a walk in the park. Our government has let this go so long that there are cells all over the country now and their hate is growing exponentially. West Virginia is not the only state with a radical Islamist problem. They are popping up across the nation. The sad part is, we are getting used to these kinds of events instead of outraged and motivated to fight back.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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