Pack of Thugs Ask Iraq Vet If ‘Black Lives Matter’… What They Do Next Is Horrific

Pack of Thugs Ask Iraq Vet If ‘Black Lives Matter’… What They Do Next Is Horrific

Chris Marquez is a decorated Marine who deployed to Iraq three times and to Afghanistan once. I’m sure he never thought he would be ensconced in a war when he returned to Washington, DC. But that’s what happened. He went to a McDonald’s to have dinner and eat in peace. He was approached by a group of black teens who demanded he answer whether ‘Black Lives Matter’ or not. They called him a racist and besieged him there. No manager stepped in… no customer did either. Chris decided to ignore them and just finish his food. But these thugs weren’t done with him. When he left the McDonald’s, one of them hit him in the back of the head with a gun and knocked him to the ground. They beat him viciously, ripped his pants and stole his wallet and credit cards. Marquez wound up in the hospital with a contusion to his eye and cuts and bruises. He now has ongoing pain in his head and his attackers have not been caught.


From the Daily Mail:

An Iraq war veteran whose bravery inspired two statues says he was beaten by a group of teens in Washington, DC on Friday night after they approached and asked him whether ‘black lives matter’.

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Chris Marquez, 30, a decorated US Marine veteran, was eating in a McDonald’s when the youths walked up and started questioning him, WJLA reported.

‘I felt threatened and thought they were trying to intimidate me, so I figured I’m just going to keep to my food, eat my food and hopefully they’ll leave me alone,’ Marquez told the station.

The youths started calling him a racist, he said, but it was when he tried to leave the restaurant that things went badly for him.

This attack was based on race. Chris is white, his attackers are black and with the Black Lives Matter movement. It was obviously a hate crime. The teens used his credit cards to buy $115 worth of stuff and Chris hopes that leads the police to them. Marquez served alongside soldiers of all races when he was an active Marine. Race was never an issue, not until he returned home that is. Marquez served eight years on active duty in the Marines as a rifleman and scout sniper from 2003-2011, and was awarded a Bronze Star for valor on his first deployment for carrying his commander’s body out of combat after he was killed in an ambush. But he was best known for a photograph showing him and a fellow Marine carrying a wounded sergeant out of a house in Fallujah after a firefight that became known as ‘The House of Hell’ in Marine Corps lore. That photograph in turn inspired two statues named ‘No Man Left Behind’, which are currently on display at Camp Pendleton in San Diego and Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. This group of teens need to be tracked down and made to answer for what they did here. We’ve practically got a full blown race war going on in the US and the double standard here is infuriating. When a black criminal is killed, leftists scream to the heavens even though the perp brought it on himself. When a white military hero is attacked by Black Lives Matter goons, crickets. Welcome to Obama’s America.






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