Police hunt for burglars caught on video feeding shattered GLASS to a family’s dog

Police hunt for burglars caught on video feeding shattered GLASS to a family’s dog

Two burglars broke into a home in Fremont, California. First they tried the sliding glass backdoor, but it was locked. So, they took a wrought iron stand it looks like and shattered the glass. They rummaged through rooms and stole about $2,000 in jewelry and money. But that wasn’t enough for these thugs. As a parting gift, they fed the family dog cookies on top of broken glass. The dog ate them and cut up his mouth and tongue. He’s going to be okay though. Which is more than I can say for these sociopaths when the police get them in custody.


From the Daily Mail:

Police in California are hunting for two burglars who broke into a residence and injured the family dog by feeding it shattered glass.

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The horrific incident happened last Friday at a home in Fremont when a resident called police at 1:30pm to report a burglary and an animal cruelty incident.

The homeowner’s video surveillance in the backyard caught the suspects involved in the crime on camera and police have released two portions of the video to the public in hopes that someone will recognize the suspects.

At least two men jumped the side of the fence into the backyard of the home around 9:45am that day.

The first video shows one man looking through the windows to see if anyone is home.

Police say the suspect, scene in the video wearing tan pants and a white shirt, shattered the locked sliding glass door with an unknown object to enter the residence.

The suspects stole an estimated $2,000 worth of jewelry and money after ransacking several rooms at the residence.

On top of stealing from the home, police say the cruel suspects didn’t stop there.

The second video released by police shows the family dog sniffing around the broken glass in the backyard.

Before fleeing the scene, police say the suspects served cookies to the family’s dog on top of the shattered glass in the backyard of the home on Amapola Drive.

The poor dog ate the food, which not only caused injuries to it’s tongue, but also caused its mouth to bleed.

Police say the pooch is receiving medical care and is expected to fully recover.

The first suspect is described by police as a Hispanic male who is 18 to 25 years old, between 5 feet 8 and 5 feet 10 inches tall with a medium build.

Police say that he is about 170 to 185 pounds and has short dark hair and a distinctive goatee.

Police said that a second suspect was also momentarily visible during the video footage, but not long enough for a description.

Anyone with information about this case or who recognizes the men in the video, is asked to please contact Fremont Police Detective A. Ceniceros at [email protected] or by calling 510-790-6900.

The two burglars are certainly not mental giants. They didn’t see the security camera in the back yard and they didn’t wear masks. They did wear gloves though. One guy had his face in full daylight for the camera. They will be caught, it’s just a matter of time now. These guys are Hispanic. Wonder if they are illegals. Compared to what many of them are doing these days, this was minor. Burglary, rape, murder and now animal cruelty. California’s government has turned the state into a third world hellhole. I can’t wait for these guys to get locked up. I’m just glad the pooch will be okay. What kind of evil scum does that to an innocent dog?




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