Rape Survivors Speak Against Obama’s Gun Control: ‘I Was Denied the 1 Equalizing Factor That I Had’

Rape Survivors Speak Against Obama’s Gun Control: ‘I Was Denied the 1 Equalizing Factor That I Had’

I remember when this special came out on Glenn Beck’s show. It was riveting. A number of rape survivors told their heart wrenching, terrifying stories of being brutally raped and sometimes tortured. These women could have potentially fought off their attackers if they had been armed. But with current laws in certain cities and states and on college campuses being what they are, these women are left defenseless and easy prey for rapists who prowl these areas in search of victims. Many do not survive and those that do are scarred mentally and sometimes physically for the rest of their lives. All for the want of a gun.


From TheBlaze:

On his Tuesday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck hosted a special guest panel comprising people who have survived the unspeakable atrocity of rape. What’s more, these guests maintain that their attack might have been prevented if they had been equipped with a means of self-defense. Many of the attacks occurred in gun-free zones, underscoring the reality that people of goodwill were left defenseless, while those with an intent to do harm still found a way to wreak their havoc.

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Included on the panel was Amanda Collins, who was raped at gunpoint in a garage situated on her college campus. Her attacker, James Biela, had already raped two other women and murdered a third. He is now serving his sentence on Death Row.

It can and has certainly been argued that Collins, who was trained in the proper use of guns from childhood, could have stopped her attacker had she been carrying a weapon, and perhaps even saved other lives Biela would target next. According to Beck, Collins did in fact own a gun and had a concealed carry license but it was illegal to carry the firearm on her college campus.

“I was denied the one equalizing factor that I had,” she said.

These women are avid Second Amendment supporters. They now believe that everyone should be armed and packing. Thanks to Progressive policies and political agendas, crime is ratcheting up and out of control in cities where gun control is prevalent. That means that rape is an escalating crime in those areas as well. With the influx of refugees that Obama is bringing in, you will see rape events like they did in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve. It is a matter of life and death anymore for a woman to be armed. There are far too many predators out there. So, when the likes of Barack Obama, Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton speak about stripping us of our right to bear arms, I consider that to be the ultimate war on women. They are condoning putting us at risk and making us victims left at the mercy of criminals who will be armed no matter what.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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