Raped, tortured and forced to live in a wardrobe for FIVE YEARS

Raped, tortured and forced to live in a wardrobe for FIVE YEARS

This just tears at your soul. This child looked like a Holocaust victim when she was rescued in 2001 at the age of eight. She weighed just 25.6 pounds. She had been brutally raped and tortured for five years by her mother and stepfather and trapped in a closet. Calling them monsters doesn’t begin to cover it. Because she was too young to testify, they weren’t convicted of rape – just abuse. They got life – Texas… you have the death penalty – it should have been administered with prejudice to these animals. I would have volunteered to help with that. Lauren is now 21 and is in college studying to be a Psychologist. Bless her soul – she’s a fighter.


From the Daily Mail:

Lauren Kavanaugh, now 21 and living in Athens, Texas, lived in a 4ft by 9ft closet from the ages of three until eight, held there by her mother Barbara Atkinson and stepfather Kenny Atkinson.

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The evil couple called Lauren their ‘little secret’ – only bringing her out to torture and allegedly her – but were caught when they showed her off to a horrified neighbour who alerted police.

When Lauren was pulled from the tiny cupboard at her mother’s home in Dallas, Texas, in 2001, she was eight but weighed 25.6 pounds (1st 8lbs), the same as the average two-year-old and was potbellied with malnutrition.

She was rushed to surgery where she was fitted with a colostomy bag, but her organs were shutting down.

During her stay in hospital, doctors had to use a feeding method devised for Holocaust victims because her body was so starved.

Investigators said she also suffered years of sexual abuse – leaving her tiny body so badly damaged that she needed a series of reconstructive surgeries – but because it would be too traumatic for the then-eight-year-old to testify, Barbara and Kenny Atkinson were never convicted of rape.

Fortunately, she recovered from the traumatic time and now she is a student who supports other victims of abuse.

Barbara and Kenny were convicted of felony injury to a child in 2002 and jailed for life, not eligible for parole until 2031.

Recounting her ordeal, Lauren said: ‘One day mum was so sick of me sobbing that she grabbed my arm and told me, ‘get into the closet.’

‘I was huddled in there for hours under a rail of dresses and shirts. I thought it was a punishment.

‘There was no water or food, just darkness.’

Sometime later, she recalled being pulled out and raped. She was only three.

She continued: ‘They put country music on blaring to hide my screams.

‘After hours of abuse, I was bundled back into the closet, confused and in agony.

‘From then on, it became my new home.

‘I couldn’t do anything in the darkness. I slept in there and had to use it for the bathroom.

‘The carpet was drenched in urine and I lay under a thin, wet blanket.’

Lauren was also tortured and burnt with cigarettes.

She said: ‘I was weak from hunger and was tied down so I couldn’t fight back.

‘I had to eat anything I could find in the closet and I was only let out for torture.

‘One day, mum ran me a bath and pushed my head under water.

‘Another time when I was six, mum put a bowl of macaroni cheese in front of me – she told me I could chew it but then had to spit it out.’

Although Lauren was constantly abused, her brothers and sisters were left alone.

She admitted: ‘Sometimes I could hear them laughing and playing outside.’

It has taken Lauren all these years to even start to live normally because of these evil miscreants. There is a very special place in hell for people like this. These abominations gleefully abused a helpless, small child over and over for years. That she even survived was a miracle. It’s hard to wrap your mind around this kind of abuse. No one should ever have to go through what this girl did. But their ‘little secret’ was rescued because a neighbor came forward and now she is free. Hopefully her parents never will be.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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