Recently Released Homicide Suspects Are Linked To New D.C. Murders

Recently Released Homicide Suspects Are Linked To New D.C. Murders

I’m not surprised by this crime spike being linked to past offenders. More than 10% of those who commit murder in DC are connected to those who served previously for murder-related offences. This is what happens when you are quick to release the most violent out there. There is little to deter them from going out and killing someone else. Out of 91 murders this year, 10 were committed by criminals that were let out of prison who had previous homicide charges. Think about that. Murder in DC is up 28% over last year and they can’t seem to figure out why. Geez. You might look at your strict gun laws and your Progressive policies that go easy on criminals for a start. Of course, these bureaucrats are instead blaming it on guns and lamenting the lack of gun control. Figures, doesn’t it?

DC Murders

From Breitbart:

More than ten percent of the new homicides in Washington, D.C., this year are being tied to criminals with past homicide charges and who have been recently released from D.C. jails.

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“Multiple of our offenders involved in homicide have previous homicide charges and are recently back in the community,” D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said at a Thursday news conference.

D.C. authorities report that 10 of the 91 homicides in the city have been attributed to suspects who have a history of being charged with murder.

Fifty-five of those cases are still open and have not been solved.

D.C. police claim that, despite a heightened presence in the community, residents are killing each other in record numbers in petty arguments.

“In some of the violence we’ve seen recently, it has just been dispute resolution with a gun. It’s that simple,” the chief said.

About four murders a week have occurred in the district, with murder rates up 20 percent over 2014.

During the press conference, the department announced several initiatives but claimed a flood of guns with “high capacity magazines” were making it hard to stay ahead of the crime.

It’s not the guns doing the killing, it’s the criminals using the guns that are killing. Take the guns away, you leave people defenseless and the thugs will just get what they need on the black market or use another weapon of convenience. The answer is more gun freedom, not less and they know it. This is for a political agenda, pure and simple. I’m hearing a lot of excuses from this police chief on why they can’t solve cases, why crime is up, why people are dying… but I’m seeing precious little results in fixing it. Here’s a hint… if what you are doing isn’t working, your’re doing it wrong. In addressing the press, she kept repeating over and over that it’s more guns, and more high-capacity magazines at fault. She’s nothing if not obvious in her goals. Not only that, but this woman is blaming cities with more constitutional gun laws in place as being at fault, allowing the influx of more weapons into DC. That’s a desperate reach and a lie. As long as DC insists on these Marxist policies, their crime rate will increase and the rights of their citizens will diminish. Typical DC.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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