Rich White #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Claim Harassment When The Local Media Corners Them At Their Parents’ Homes [Video]

And they joke about bloggers typing away in their parents’ basement… it would seem that professional activists tend to live in their rich, white parents’ homes as well. Those that aren’t of the rich, elite ilk, seem to be illegal aliens or foreigners. All of these people are staged to do choreographed protests for #BlackLivesMatter, furthering the Communist movement using race as a veneer. The police see the same faces over and over – it’s the new face of the Occupy Movement. The fact that they kept a seriously injured, elderly accident victim from getting to the hospital is just considered collateral damage and an acceptable loss in the cause for freedom from well… freedom. Morons.

From Weasel Zippers:

Love it! The people of Boston were well and truly upset by the I-93 action, so much so the local media went out, tracking down the ‘protesters’ to vent a little bit of the people’s disturbance and to ask the protesters to justify themselves.

No surprise, they found that the people they were searching for were hardly oppressed.

You may recall this lovely picture of Noah McKenna, along with the rest of his buddies, preventing an 82 year old crash victim from making it to a trauma center.

28 year old Noah graduated from $60,000/year Bard College in 2008, but still lives with with Mommy and Daddy in their very nice million dollar home in Jamaica Plain. When media tracked him down in the middle of the day on Thursday and Friday, neither day was he at work.

Noah’s response? “We feel our role in the traffic situation was justified by the importance of our cause.”

Jim Billman, aka James Wolcott Billman, whose Facebook says he is from London, also lives with his parents in an expensive home in Brookline. His job screams professional protester:

According to Fox 25, Dan Linskey, retired Boston police chief and security expert, says he saw several familiar faces during the protests on Thursday.

“Professional agitators, professional protesters, this is what they do for a living,” he said.

Linskey says the some of protesters were the same people he dealt with during the 2011 Occupy Boston movement.

Three of the protesters weren’t even from Boston. One from Colorado had similar charges there for trespassing and inducing panic. Another was from Washington state, a third from New York.

According to the protesters themselves, at least some of them were ‘undocumented immigrants’, translate, illegal aliens. Who those are isn’t clear, but as we previously noted, according to the protesters, Nelli Ruotsalanien is from Finland, James Billman from London, Thi Minh Thu Nguyen from Vietnam.

The least McKenna could do is put some decent clothes on if he’s going to ham it up for the press. Shaving and cutting his hair would be nice too, but it would ruin the whole hippie vibe going there I guess. There will be a lot more of this across the nation. Orchestrated protests, violence and the shrill cries of oppression as the movement to weaken America continues apace. Many of these people are paid and they are professionals at what they do. All are of a Communist flavor and want to bring the system down. They are professional victims, so of course they claim harassment when the media come a’knockin’ – it’s part of their script.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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