Rose Parade Subverted to Promote Gay Agenda

The “love that dare not speak its name” has become “the depravity that liberal authorities will not stop grinding into your face like a cream pie in a Three Stooges movie.” Those with children and/or weak stomachs are advised to miss this year’s Rose Parade:

Aubrey Loots and Danny Leclair joke that they’re getting married New Year’s Day in front of 80 million of their closest friends, and the men say they aren’t that concerned that a few thousand others may boycott the first gay marriage at the 125-year-old Rose Parade.

The pair, together for 12 years, plan to tie the knot atop a giant wedding cake on the AIDS Healthcare Foundation float when it stops at the Rose Parade’s reviewing stand on Wednesday. Hundreds of thousands of people line the 5 1/2-mile parade route through Pasadena and an estimated 80 million more are expected to watch on TV from around the world.

It’s probably safe to assume that among those not watching will be Karen Grube of San Diego, who launched a “Boycott The 2014 Rose Parade” Facebook page after learning of the couple’s intentions. As of Monday, it had about 4,000 likes.

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Make that 5,876 and climbing. You can Like it here.

The blasphemous travesty of homosexual marriage is only lawful in a minority of states. But judicial oligarchs are working on that, just as a homosexual judge imposed it by force on California after it was rejected by voters.

Promoting homosexuality from atop an “AIDS Healthcare Foundation” float is both bizarre and appropriate, considering that homosexuality is by far the most prevalent means of spreading the deadly and horrific disease.

The objective of injecting this depravity into the Rose Parade is to force the public at large to watch men kissing each other as if this were normal behavior, so that the vast majority who are privately sickened by it will feel that they are somehow in the wrong and need to get with the program so as not to be left outside the herd.

If this isn’t enough to convince you that losing the Culture War is not an option, just hold on — it will keep getting worse.

On a tip from Janice/Granny Jan. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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