They Said She Was ‘Too Fat’ to Wear Revealing Clothing… So She Did THIS

They Said She Was ‘Too Fat’ to Wear Revealing Clothing… So She Did THIS

This young woman screen grabbed a bunch of hateful twitter rant posts that were demanding girls over a certain weight should not be wearing certain types of clothes… Well, this young woman made it clear she was above that weight and provided a visual – proving girls who are, CAN and will…wear what they want. Then the internet responded…

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From the Daily Mail:

The problem? At 141lbs and likely somewhat tall tall, the blonde teen is noticeably thin — and clearly not the kind of girl who is ever made fun of for her size.

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Kales, though, doesn’t seem to have figured that out. Last year, she screengrabbed several hateful tweets about ‘heavier’ girls revealing skin. None were directed at her, and as they all followed a similar theme, they seem to have been purposefully sought out with a Twitter search.

‘Please don’t wear belly shirts if you’re over 130lbs,’ wrote one.

‘If you’re over 130 pounds, don’t wear short shorts or crop tops,’ wrote another.

She then posted a picture of herself on a bathroom scale, which shows that she’s 11lbs over that threshold. That was followed by two selfies in which she dressed defiantly in white cut-off shorts and a blue cropped tank top.


Several voices from the internet responded with encouraging comments, however…as expected there were uninvited Trolls as well…

‘This girl knows she’s gorgeous, she’s just fishing [for compliments].’

‘Pay attention to me and tell me I’m pretty,’ wrote another, mocking the supposed thought process behind the images…

Women, and people in general, really need to start looking inward and stop looking outward for acceptance. Including these rotten people who thought it was okay in the first place to even suggest what others can and cannot not do with their attire.

They have my permission to slap some sense into themselves.

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