Saving Lives: 4 Gun Owners Stop Life-Threatening Incidents in 5 Days Over Christmas Holiday

Saving Lives: 4 Gun Owners Stop Life-Threatening Incidents in 5 Days Over Christmas Holiday

Once again, proving that being armed saves peoples lives, the Crime Prevention Research Center has compiled a list of four gun owners stopping crimes in separate life-threatening incidents over a five day period during the Christmas holiday. First up, on December 22nd, Brandon Johnson was shot and killed when he tried to rob two men in Indiana during a Craigslist scam. Johnson pulled a gun on his intended victim, who had a gun of his own and put Johnson down. On December 23rd, a man tried to hold up the Captain Max Seafood restaurant in Florida. An employee pulled out his gun and ended the man’s crime spree. Both of these were exactly the right thing to do at the right time.

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From The Daily Caller:

The Christmas season was a bad time to be a criminal near a person with a weapon.

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There were a total of four incidents involving a person using a gun to stop a crime or other life-threatening incident between December 22 and December 26, according to a list compiled by the Crime Prevention Research Center.

On Christmas Eve, Bill Kessler shot a huge, vicious dog that was about to savage his beagle in Detroit. “Before he got to me I got my pepper spray out and sprayed him but that didn’t stop him. After the pepper spray the dog started attacking mine, I tried kicking it, but it was so aggressive I took out my gun and shot it,” Kessler said. Then on the day after Christmas, a man in Georgia tried to rob Antonio Bagley. The robber was shot and killed by Bagley during the attempted robbery. I’m sure there were more incidents than that. Most you don’t hear about and never make the news. You never expect to need a gun, until the day you have to use it to protect your life or those you love. These four stories had a happy ending. There would be many more if we were allowed to protect ourselves and not worry about going to prison for it. Guns save lives… Obama wants to strip us of those rights and the best way to protect ourselves.

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