Scott Brown’s Epic Smackdown Of Obamacare

Former Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown may be mulling another run in New Hampshire. : He’s relocating — and incumbent Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen: is looking vulnerable. : Granted, Brown is a little moderate for my tastes, but in the left-leaning Northeast; he’s perfect.

Last month, at the Ronald Reagan Dinner in Scotts County, Iowa, you saw how “effective” Brown is at connecting with voters,: according to the: Washington Post’s: Jennifer Rubin. Earlier this week, Rubin said that Brown could easily deflect the inevitable carpetbagger attack that will be lobbed against him.

In fiscally tight New Hampshire, Shaheen’s refusal to attack entitlements and address our long-term debt will not sit well. She ran as an independent voice and is now stuck to President Obama and his failing presidency like Velcro.

As a result, it’s allowing Brown to deliver blows, like this one, against Obamacare in Iowa.

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It began with the promise, “If you like your plan, you can keep it, period.”:  The attitude now is, “You’re going to: change: your plan and like: it, period.”:  And guess what? Here’s the message America is actually waiting to hear: “If we don’t like: Obamacare, we can get rid of it, period.”

Remember when Obamacare was supposed to: save: everyone money, actually: reduce: federal costs?:  And, of course, how could anyone evenquestion: the federal government’s competence to make it all work? : Ladies and gentlemen, this nation fought and won the Second World War in three years and eight months — and in the same amount of time, the Obama administration couldn’t even build a Web site. And we are supposed to trust the federal government to run our health care?:  No thanks!!

It’s bad all around, and I voted three times to repeal it.:  Today, the unions don’t want it.:  The middle class is sick of hearing about it.:  The original cost estimates are a joke.

It’s turning full-time jobs into part-time jobs.:  And more than anything else, the underhanded way that the program was forced into law explains the nasty atmosphere in Washington.

Wow! That’s some truth being doled out! 2014 is a long ways away, but if Brown can campaign the way he did in 2009— with these digs at President Obama; then there’s not doubt that New Hampshire’s senate race will be quite entertaining. Moreover, Brown could emerge as the standard-bearer for moderate Republicans in the Northeast, who are gasping for oxygen.

Scott Brown

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