Screaming “I want to Kill Him!” Kids Batter Trump Pinata to “Promote Peace” & “Fight Hate”

Screaming “I want to Kill Him!” Kids Batter Trump Pinata to “Promote Peace” & “Fight Hate”

I think this is shocking and hateful. Kids in Oregon were encouraged by adults to beat a Donald Trump pinata until it split open and poured out candy. The final result is the beheading of Trump. Little kids were screaming, “I want to kill him!” All in the name of promoting peace and fighting hate according to the owners of the business. They say it wasn’t political at all. Right. If that had been Obama, Secret Service would have been all over it, but since it is a Republican, no biggie, right? You know what this reminds me of? How Islamists celebrate after beheading or killing someone. They beheaded Trump and gave the kids candy just like Jihadists do. How quaint. Destroying and killing in the name of peace and love – they just took a page right out of the terrorist how-to manual.

Trump Pinata

From the Gateway Pundit:

A new food cart in Portland, Oregon, El Diablito, staged its grand opening celebration by featuring dancers and a Donald Trump pinata.

A banner on the stage read “El Diablito” which means “the little devil.”

Little kids and adults lined up to take turns battering the effigy, which they say they were destroying to “promote peace” and “fight hate.”

One little kid screams out “I want to kill him!” when he takes his turn beating the Trump piñata. The food cart owner claimed this wasn’t about politics.

Notice how Loretta Lynch is never around when she really should be. Now, if that had been a Muslim pinata… well, hate crime! This will just make Trump even more popular you morons. Go ahead with your little hatefests, killing conservatives in effigy… your time is short. I guess liberals are now teaching their children hate at a very young age. It works for the Palestinians after all. Show them how to get their violence on in their early years so they can perfect it into adulthood. This is entirely about politics and the brainwashing of children with hate. These people are unhinged and dangerous. There is nothing cute or funny about something like this. Hate is being ingrained into our culture utilizing children. It’s despicable.

Trump Pinata1

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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