Setback for Fundamental Transformation of America in Westchester County, New York

Hope and Change no longer have the wind at their back. Tax & Charade and healthcare nationalization look dead, the Dems just lost their filibuster-proof Senate majority, and now Irvington High School in suburban New York has nixed a communist theme for its junior class.

The class was assigned the color red and asked to come up with a theme. The result:


Apparently, it was supposed to be funny. Not everyone was clueless enough to laugh.

“I just thought it was very inappropriate and offensive,” said 17-year-old Michael Schur, a senior whose relatives died in Ukraine under Stalin’s rule and whose mother complained to the principal. …

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Last year, Schur’s class picked up on the communistic connection, too, but the idea was rejected immediately, he said.

Some of Schur’s family escaped from Ukraine as Stalin forced the collectivization of farms in the 1930s, resulting in millions of deaths. The famine is known to Ukrainians as the Holodomor.

Would Jews find anything about a swastika to be funny? asked Schur’s mother, Sonya.

But there is a big difference between the hammer and sickle and a swastika — the difference being, Hitler only managed to kill about 11 million people; communism has killed 10 times that many. Yuk yuk yuk.

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