Sharp Shooter Impresses With His Skills In THIS Video That’s Going VIRAL!

Sharp Shooter Impresses With His Skills In THIS Video That’s Going VIRAL!

Looks like a fun game, but I don’t see anything incredibly special about this. Two friends take turns throwing cartridges directly into a shotgun’s chamber and then fire away. That does take some skill at catching the cartridge just right in the chamber, but I doubt it will ever be a sport. Just sayin’. The first attempt didn’t work in a smooth motion… it went in, but the cartridge had to be wiggled somewhat before he could fire the gun. Then the woo hoos! started. I would much rather see rapid fire where moving targets are hit, but that’s just me.


From the Daily Mail:

For most people, loading a shotgun is a painstaking act that has to be carried out with care.

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But for these two American friends, it is just another way to show off their skills.

An incredible short clip shows the duo successfully loading a shotgun by throwing a cartridge directly into its chamber.

The next time around, they still had trouble getting everything lined up. The last attempt is gold and is pulled off very professionally. Amazingly, the cartridge slips straight into place and the man fires the shotgun at the trees in the distance within seconds. I will say this, loading a shotgun is not a difficult task regardless of what they say in this article. This whole thing is more like goofing off than a skill. I love guns and I love shooting them, but I don’t mess around with cartridges and ammo. Sorry, it strikes me as something someone would do after having one too many beers rather than any kind of contest.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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