She Slices a Lemon Then Puts It in the Oven. What Happens Next? Whoa!

She Slices a Lemon Then Puts It in the Oven. What Happens Next? Whoa!

There is absolutely nothing I hate more than housework and chores. But they have to be done, no matter how distasteful or time consuming they are. Below are a number of tips to help with those annoying little tasks. There were two on the list I didn’t know about… using lemons in your oven to get rid of fruit flies and using baking soda and vinegar to clean grout. Both are things I will use and that will come in handy. These are inexpensive tips you can utilize while cleaning. Personally, I can use all the help I can get.


From American Overlook:

Goodbye Fruit Flies! With Lemon.

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Cut a lemon in half and put both pieces in your oven. Leave the door ajar. Close the door in the morning and put the broiler on for a few minutes. Let it cool, toss the lemons, and clean the bottom of your oven. Fruit flies no more!

Vinegar Removes Hard Water Stains

No longer do you need to buy expensive cleaning products to get rid of hard water deposits. The acidic vinegar will dissolve the calcium deposits.

Baking Soda And Vegetable Oil Clean What?!

Mix two parts baking soda and one part vegetable oil and you’ve got a cabinet cleaner that’s not harsh and works like magic. Use a toothbrush or your bare hands to work it into the wood.

Brighten Your Not-So-White Sink With Lemon!

White sinks can look grimy without proper care. Sprinkle the surface with baking soda and use a leftover lemon half as the scrubber. Goodbye gross germs!

Skewers Do This Too.

As you know, crevices hold crumbs and other stuff. Use a skewer or toothpick to remove the debris today.

Clean Your Grout With Baking Soda

Even if you mop frequently, your tile grout will still get stained. Make a baking soda and water paste and smear it over your grout. Let it sit then spray with vinegar and scrub away the bubbles.

Boil Vinegar On The Stove For A Fresh, Clean Smell

Are yesterday’s smells lingering in your kitchen? Simmer some white vinegar in a sauce pan to rid your home of food smells.

I have to say that I prefer to use Murphy’s Oil Soap on my cabinets and candles for smells, but these are great ideas. Also, freshly baked bread or cookies work, as does heating cinnamon sticks or cutting oranges or lemons open and leaving out. There are lots of little tricks out there to improve the atmosphere at home and to help with cleaning up life’s messes. My problem is time… there are just not enough hours in the day to clean and work. Work usually wins out until I can’t take it anymore. If you can’t afford a maid, every little trick and short cut helps when cleaning house.

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