Sheriff Clarke Hits Home One Law That Can Be Changed to Reduce Gun-Related Murders [Video]

Sheriff Clarke Hits Home One Law That Can Be Changed to Reduce Gun-Related Murders [Video]

I love Sheriff Clarke. He’s incredibly brave and sane. The other guy is just a blithering Marxist goon who wants more gun control and less freedom. Do something! Clarke says get rid of the gun free zones, which is exactly right. Obama would disarm normal Americans and have them live at the mercy of murdering maniacs. The elites would still have body guards and protection. Sound fair? These gun free zones are killing fields. The bad guys know exactly where to go to kill a bunch of defenseless people and grab all the infamy they can before being taken out. Everyone should be armed – it would reduce a lot of this. Nothing should abridge our right to protect ourselves and to bear arms. Nine Christians died needlessly, all because no one was armed. The police took the guy out and did their job, but someone carrying would have stopped most of the massacre before the police ever got there and more of those people would still be alive because of it.

Sheriff Clarke

From TheBlaze:

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke appeared on the Fox News Channel Friday evening and offered host Megyn Kelly a solution aimed at reducing deaths caused by gun violence.

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Clarke’s suggestion came in response to a question Kelly posed to her other guest, Obama 2012 national field director Jeremy Bird, about what can be done to stop incidents like Thursday’s mass shooting which claimed the lives of nine victims.

“I’ll answer your question on what law can be changed,” Clarke said. “We should get rid of these gun-free zones.”

“We should allow people … to be able to play a role in their own safety,” the outspoken sheriff continued. “I think it’s heartless to expect people in these gun-free zones to be lined up and slaughtered with on way to defend themselves. These gun-free zones have become killing fields. That is the one constant in all of these mass murders.”

The sheriff noted that there are “no absolutes,” but said things can be changed to save lives.

“Here are some things that I think might work,” he said. “Here’s what I think should happen … citizens should be able to play a role in their own personal safety.”

“The only thing that stopped that incident yesterday was when a good guy, a police officer with a gun showed up and they were able to neutralize that homicidal maniac,” Clarke noted.

Clarke’s suggestion stands in contrast to President Barack Obama’s proposal which causes for the implementation of stricter gun-control measures.

This should be common sense, but that seems to be the one thing in short supply these days. I so wish we had a president more like Sheriff Clarke and a whole lot less like Obama. There would be a lot fewer dead bodies around, especially of the Christian persuasion. Families shouldn’t have to worry if a child going to school is going to cost them their lives. That’s just a horrific way to live. Get rid of the gun free zones, apply the Second Amendment as it was meant to be and stop trying to ‘change’ America and eliminate our freedoms one by one. Another thing that would help stop these murders is to elect a real conservative for a change.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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