Shocker: College Grads Not Ready For Workplace

This is what the ever increasing amount of leftist/progressive indoctrination in schools, particularly public schools, has wrought for the X generation

A few weeks before graduation, dozens of York College undergrads, in shorts and flip flops, packed a campus auditorium.

They’ve come to see Laura Wand, the director of marketing for Johnson Controls, one of York’s biggest employers.

“Dude, dress up. This isn’t the mall,” she tells the crowd.

I can’t tell you the huge number of times I have had people come in for an interview, or, heck, even to ask for an application, who are inappropriately dressed. Many wouldn’t have been dressed for an interview for a burger flipping job at McDonald’s, much less a professional sales job. Put a suit on, bub, or at least a tie and jacket.

Remember the time when the NU girls lacrosse team, national champions, visited the White House in flip flops? Remember the parents being mortified? Perhaps parents should get a bit more involved in teaching adult behavior.

And, yes, I refuse the interview when they are dressed inappropriately.

Researchers asked hundreds of business leaders and human resources managers across the country to assess the professionalism of recent college graduates.

The results were sobering.

“What we found, was that there are a set of qualities, characteristics that these people would like to see in new college graduates,” says David Polk, a York College professor. “Unfortunately, they tend to be lacking.”

Those qualities include the ability to communicate and listen respectfully, motivation to finish a task and attention to appearance.

Does this cover them all? By no means. And it certainly doesn’t just cover those who are college graduates. There are those who do make good workers. But, more and more over the years, I have seen more and more young folks who just do not seem motivated, plus

But Polk says researchers did find one area where recent graduates stand out:

“There’s a sense of entitlement that we’ve picked up on. Where people think they’re entitled to become, let’s say president of the company, within the next two years. They’re entitled to five weeks of vacation.”

That I do see quite a bit, the whole “gimme!” attitude. And what are they going to do? Develop classes in professionalism. Perhaps we could replace many of the classes on things like feeling good about yourself and why America sucks in high school and college with classes such as Being Responsible, Being Professional, and Acting Like An Adult, teaching this early on.

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