Shocking video shows huge street brawl that broke out in Manhattan in broad daylight as St. Patrick’s Day drinking gets out of hand [Video]

Appalling behavior… I don’t know what brought on the fight, but there had to be a better way to settle it than stomping on teenagers. This was all in broad daylight in the middle of Manhattan. It was caught on video and I’ll bet a bunch of cameras recorded it as well. The faces are pretty clear, so why haven’t there been any arrests? And why is the media mum on this fight? Reporting should be color blind and politically deaf. I also have to wonder at people not stepping in and breaking this up since there were kids involved. Stunning apathy.

From The Daily Mail:

Officers are searching for three men wanted on assault charges after a public brawl with two teenagers in front of a bar on St Patrick’s Day.

Police say the three men, who were all dressed in New York Jets jerseys, got into an argument with the 17-year-old victims inside O’Brien’s in Midtown Manhattan before the fight spilled into the street.

Pix11 reports the two teenagers were transported to Bellevue Hospital with facial fractures after being punched, kicked and hit with bottles.

Huffington Post reports that bystander Anthony Rooar Decarlis was out drinking when he saw the fight occur, so he pulled out his phone to record a video of the fight.

‘All of a sudden this fight just erupted,’ Decarlis said. ‘I started recording. There were three different fights. One guy got hit with a bottle, one guy fell to the ground and got kicked in the face.’

One of the men struck during the brawl was knocked unconscious with his eye ‘swollen up to the size of a grapefruit,’ according to Decarlis.

‘People were trying to see if he had a pulse,’ he added.

Decarlis said he called 911 after recording the fight, but said he left before officers arrived because onlookers had called police as well.

Huffington Post reported that on Wednesday they were told the NYPD had ‘no complaint report on file for this incident.’

Decarlis posted the video to Facebook where it has so far earned more than 450,000 views and added the hashtag #WORLDSTAR, referencing a popular site for videos of fights.

He also criticized lack of attention on the St Patrick’s Day brawl after New York media outlets covered a group of black teens who beat a 15-year-old in a Brooklyn McDonald’s extensively last week.

‘I feel like the media is trying to show African-Americans in such a negative light,’ Decarlis said, explaining he’d like to see ‘public outrage’ over the drunken brawl, which appeared to include only white males.

Police have arrested six allegedly involved in the Brooklyn beating, which left a teenage girl with non-life threatening injuries.

Mayor Bill de Blasio called the video ‘deeply disturbing’ and suggested the attackers had ‘mental health’ issues that needed to be addressed, as well as said bystanders should have stepped in.

Community organizer Tony Herbert, meanwhile, sided against television and video games while trying to find a reason behind the attack.

‘Young people don’t have positive images in front of them,’ Herbert told ABC7. ‘They get these dumb reality TV shows, the violent video games and the music.’

People kept on laughing, talking and walking around people on the ground like nothing was happening. Have we become that uncaring? That jaded and insensitive? If so, we are in serious trouble as a nation. I don’t blame it so much on culture as I do national depression and giving up on succeeding and winning. This is brought to Americans by the Marxist policies of the current Administration. It’s like everyone has given up and anything goes. That’s not the American way – we are fighters for freedom, not street brawlers. There is still right and wrong and Americans better get a grip and take hold of their morals and ethics. If not, we’ll go the way of Germany in the last world war and people won’t even notice it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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