#ShoutYourAbortion – Where Murdering Babies is Hip… Welcome to the Death Cult!

#ShoutYourAbortion – Where Murdering Babies is Hip… Welcome to the Death Cult!

The #ShoutYourAbortion viral fad swept Twitter yesterday, where thousands of women proudly proclaimed they had committed infanticide. It’s just downright sick and twisted. The Left is a death cult and are just blatantly evil. They celebrate immorality and abhor anything that even remotely resembles goodness. They embrace murder and hedonism. It has been escalating noticeably under the reign of Barack Obama. I don’t know how anyone could support late term abortion… the killing of a fetus that is five or more months old within the womb. That means the child is viable. They could live outside the womb if only there weren’t humans preparing to rip it limb from limb, snap its spinal cord or have it born alive, so its heart, liver and brain can be harvested. Any politician on either side of the aisle that voted for this monstrous legislation should go to prison. They are condoning wholesale butchery of the innocent.


From TheBlaze:

This has already been quite the banner week for abortion disciples.

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Just a few hours ago, Democrats voted down a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks. Only three Democrats voted for the bill to protect children from murder after five months of development, while two truly despicable Republicans, Susan Collins and Mark Kirk, voted against it. They should be out of a job when it comes time for reelection, and if I was in charge of these things, I’d put them both in prison, along with almost all of the Democrats, for facilitating the murder of thousands of innocent human lives. Remember, if you support late term abortion, you are in favor of killing babies who can survive outside the womb. This is a radical, insane, extremist position, and one that is considered by progressives to be not only mainstream, but mandatory.

Progressives love to say they aren’t “pro-abortion,” but that is a more and more self-evident lie. Nobody who possesses even the slightest hint of a moral qualm with abortion could actually oppose a bill to protect kids after five months in the womb. Similarly, nobody who isn’t an enormous fan of abortion could be anything but repulsed by the hip new fad swept through the internet like wild fire yesterday.

It’s called #ShoutYourAbortion, and it encourages women to boast confidently of killing their children. The hashtag has been trending on Twitter for over a day, and many hundreds and thousands of women have taken the opportunity to “shout” with pride about the magical wonders of baby murder. I’m sure the aborted babies would have loved to participate in this campaign, but they’re all dead and decomposed in dumpsters or dissected in petri dishes.

The Shout Your Abortion craze appears to have started with a post by a woman named Amelia, who took to Facebook over the weekend to brag about her own abortion experiences. She said her abortion, procured last year, fills her with an “inexpressible level of gratitude,” and that she’s not ashamed to say abortions make her “happy.” This post was shared by another woman, Lindy, who used the Shout Your Abortion hashtag while telling her own triumphant tale of filicide. She said she had an abortion a few years ago and it allowed her to be “fulfilled” by her career, and, bizarrely, enabled her to “better care for her kids.”

Along with plenty of pushing by Planned Parenthood and others in the Baby Murder Industry, this was enough to send the campaign into lift off. Progressives sensed they had a catchy, fun way to battle the “taboo” surrounding the butchery of infants, and soon Twitter was filled with deeply disturbed and spiritually destitute women saying things like this:

I’ve had 2 abortions. I don’t have to justify or explain them to anybody. My life is more valuable than a potential life.

Yeah, so I had an abortion at 20, it was the best decision possible for us then. I will with no more shame.

So here’s my : I was pregnant when I didn’t want to be. I got to decide and I owe no one an explanation for my decision.

Had an abortion procedure done at age 22 because I was WAY too young to parent. Have never, ever regretted it.

Not becoming a parent while I was still a child was wise & merciful. I send love 2 providers & to all ppl being shamed.

I’ve never wanted to have children, so I had an abortion. I’m thriving, without guilt, without shame, without apologies.

is so important – abortion is a normal medical procedure & one way we can help end stigma is by talking about it.

I’ve had 3 abortions and have held onto shame since I was 14. I am 43 now. My shame and silence ends today.

Had an abortion because you wanted one?You need not justify, explain or hide.Your body, your choice. All day, every day.

Liberal websites and blogs joined in the abortion party. Buzzfeed beamed that “Shout Your Abortion” is finally “challenging the stigma” attached to crushing the skulls of tiny humans. Elle expressed excitement that the campaign gives women “a new way to talk about choice.” HuffPost took the opportunity to chastisepro-lifers for “shaming and belittling” the brutal slaughter of infants. MIC.com called the hashtag “inspiring.”The Independent said the celebration of death and selfishness is “important” and “encouraging.”MTV declared that “Shout Your Abortion” is “setting the record straight” and making it easier and more acceptable for women to destroy their children — an act which they describe creepily and creatively as “clearing a biological hurdle.”

If only the Nazis had Twitter maybe they could have defeated those pesky taboos about violently eradicating Jews. #ShoutYourGenocide, anyone?

It’s hard to believe that humans can behave like this, especially women. No other species does this to their young, but humans enthusiastically line up for murdering helpless babies. It goes beyond selfishness and right into the heart of the blackest of evil intentions. The Nazis would have indeed been impressed. That we even argue over this topic is insane. No one has a right to murder. But a child does have a right to live. And if it wasn’t the unborn, it would be the Jews, Christians or some racial profile that was lined up for eradication. These people suffer from a collective hunger for murder and barbarity. They have definitely abandoned the ”safe, legal, and rare” mantra,” and have gone all in on abortion on demand. #ShoutYourAbortion – proclaim your murderous predilections and shout them loud enough for hell to hear! If that isn’t a death cult, I don’t know what is.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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