Shut The Hell Up About Knee Wrinkles Already!

If you’re a woman, life is always a performance for a room full of excessively critical, impossibly picky critics. How do your clothes look? How about your make-up and shoes? Is your face botoxed smooth? Is your butt too big? Do you have any stretch marks? How about cellulite ?

No matter what you do, it’ll never be good enough. Even the most attractive, sexy, and glamorous women alive have to be photoshopped extensively before they’re considered fit to appear on a magazine cover.

How bad has it gotten?

This bad.

She may have a well-documented dedication to yoga and follow a squeaky-clean macrobiotic diet, but it seems Gwyneth Paltrow hasn’t been able to stave off those dreaded saggy knees.

Photos of her in Venice in a pair of shorts at the weekend appeared to show that the Hollywood actress – 39 this month – is suffering from knee wrinkles, or ‘kninkles’, as they’ve been nicknamed.

But Gwynnie’s not the only celebrity whose knees are rather less perfect than the rest of their physique.

…Radio-frequency treatments are often used on the face to tighten slack skin and can work wonders on kninkles.

‘They deliver energy into the dermal tissue,’ explains Dr Bowler. ‘This heats the tissue, causing the collagen to tighten and, over time, to produce more collagen.’

These treatments usually start at around :£2,000.

Yes, there are apparently women paying $2,000 plus to make their KNEES LESS SAGGY. Thank you, world, for giving women self-esteem issues related to their KNEES!

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