Sick: No More Boys’ & Girls’ Bathrooms At This School – Gender Bender ABC’s [Video]

Sick: No More Boys’ & Girls’ Bathrooms At This School – Gender Bender ABC’s [Video]

My kids would be out of that school so fast, it would make their head spin. The Miraloma Elementary School in San Francisco has decided to eliminate boys’ and girls’ bathrooms, making them gender neutral. This is to accommodate 7 or 8 students who seem to have gender issues. You can thank Principal Sam Bass for this insanity. California law now says you can use whatever bathroom that you identify with. Look for a spike in sex crimes and rapes over this. Not to mention the traumatization of children.

Gender Restrooms

From BizPac Review:

The gender-bender trend has gotten so far out of control that it is now infecting elementary schools.

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It’s bad enough that adults entertain the mental delusion that people can choose a gender. Now a San Francisco (big surprise) elementary school has joined in and created gender-neutral bathrooms.

Sam Bass, principal of Miraloma Elementary School, told GKO: “We changed the signs, we changed the way we teach our students, that we don’t have boys and girls restrooms, we have restrooms.”

Fantastic idea. Children at the height of their puberty sharing bathrooms together. What could possibly go wrong?

The change apparently was caused by a handful of nutty parents who think their children are transgender and have a secret, hidden identity.

“They told us they have children who are on the gender spectrum,” PTA President Ellen Schatz told KGO. “They may have been born biologically with one gender, but they identified with a different gender, and that they weren’t comfortable going to the bathroom.”

Schatz said that not one parent has complained about the change, which, again, is not surprising when you consider the school is in the bizzare world of San Francisco.

Social media users lambasted the ridiculous idea.

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This is more of the moral decline of America as it falls. Liberal idiocy and perversion. The bathrooms in kindergarten and first-grade classrooms at Miraloma, as well as a centralized bathroom, are gender-neutral now. The school will phase in the other restrooms used by older children over the next few years, including outside bathrooms with multiple stalls. ‘There’s no need to make them gender-specific anymore,’ said the principal, adding that the parents of the students have been supportive. He said one parent told him, ‘So you’re making it like it is at home.’ I don’t know about you, but my bathroom at home doesn’t look like that. There are not multiple stalls and urinals with multiple people using it at the sames time. Non-family at that. This is specious and just plain moronic. The objective here is for adult perverts to have unfettered access to children – just as the militaristic gay movement denied they wanted to take over the culture for years and now admits that’s what they wanted all along. Check off another communist goal of eliminating morality and destroying the family unit.

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