Surprise: Violent Crime Surges In Baltimore

Just to be clear, the “surprise” in the headline is 100% sarcastic

(Fox News) Crime is rising in Baltimore, and some law enforcement experts suspect an anti-cop climate stemming from the racially charged case of Freddie Gray is at least partly responsible.

Homicides in 2015 so far stand at 100, up from 71 for the same period last year, and on pace to be the Charm City’s deadliest year since 2007. Nonfatal shootings are up 70 percent this year, following a particularly violent week that saw 19 people shot on Tuesday and Wednesday alone.

“It’s extremely frustrating,” Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said Thursday. “It is disheartening, but I am still resolved to continue to reduce violent crime in our city.”

Hey, these “protesters” just thought she was providing them room to destroy.

“Regarding the crime increase in the western district, this is certainly a contentious time in our city and we believe there is a criminal element taking advantage of the situation, Gene Ryan, President of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3 in Baltimore said in a statement to “Police are not responsible for the systemic issues of poverty that have plagued our communities. There has been a lot of finger pointing and the weight is heavy on our officers’ shoulders.”

Who is responsible? How about the Democratic leaders who have been in charge for Baltimore lock, stock, and barrel since the late 1960’s?

Rawlings-Blake said Baltimore has faced crime spikes in the past and managed to reverse them. She said she was “confident” that the police department would do so again.

But will the Baltimore PD want to? Previously, they’ve had to do things like cancel all leave and surge huge numbers of officers down to the Harbor area in order to stop roving bands of young, and, yes, Black male hoodlums from performing acts of criminality for the July 4th holiday weekend in 2013. Nor was this the first time this happened. If Eric Holder wants us to not be cowards on race, we have to acknowledge who is performing the majority of crime in a city that is just “safer than 3% of cities in the U.S.” A city where there are violent crime rate is 14.28. The national median is 3.8. A city where there is a 1 in 70 chance of being victim of a violent crime. Where there’s a 1 in 20 chance of being a victim of a property crime. A city where there are 438 crimes per square mile.

“The police down there [Baltimore] are definitely cautious,” NYPD Sgt. Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association in New York, “I’m sure many of them think, ‘If I go and get involved what is the consequence?’”

Mullins said politicians who second-guess police are to blame, not cops. During initial rioting following Gray’s death, police officials told Fox News Rawlings-Blake had ordered them not to make arrests, even as they were pelted with rocks by angry crowds.

“There’s pure lack of political accountability,” Mullins said. “All we have seen lately are Baltimore police officers running from people who attack them and not getting arrested for it.”

How many of the “protesters” were arrested and charged? Similar to Ferguson, few who were arrested ended up facing any consequences.

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